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Mojro is our tribute to Mohenjo-Daro, one of the largest settlements of Indus Valley Civilization and world's earliest major urban settlements. It was the most advanced city of its time with remarkably sophisticated civil engineering and urban planning. We consider it our privilege to be associated with a name that is treated as synonymous for meticulous planning, engineering marvel, aesthetic art and massive size.

At Mojro, we aim to achieve the same level of sophistication. We passionately strive to optimize the un-optimized using technology. Our platform focuses on transforming goods movement from, to and within mega-cities.

Optimizing Various Parameters

Provide Cost Benefits

Opening up New Business Avenues


Our brand is an expression of our passion, our aggression, our engineering expertise, our insatiable desire to solve real life problems with innovative solutions.


Who we are?

A Focused, High-Powered, and Competent team!

We are a family of young go-getters as well as experienced leaders, driving the plethora of technology towards the path of business solutions for our customers. We respect the cruciality of our responsibilities and also never forget to come together and celebrate each day. A Focused, High-Powered, and Competent team which brings out the culture at Mojro beautifully with their like-mindedness as well as their diversity.


Ravi Kumar

Board Director

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Sounder Kannan

Board Director

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Kishan Aswath

Chief Executive Officer

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Amit Kulkarni

Chief Technology Officer

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Ranganath Seetharamu

Chief Operating Officer

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Krishnakumar Natarajan

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1Crowd is an early stage investment firm with a unique model that ensures its Angel Fund invests in Indian startups in tandem with its equity crowdfunding platform. 1Crowd’s investment framework seeks to identify promising early-stage ventures backed by high-quality founding teams, regardless of the sector or industry they operate in.

Naga is a Tamil Nadu based business group. It has been operational for 50+ years and is a listed company with focus on food, detergents, minerals, power, retail, property & logistics businesses.


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