Winning in the Age of AI

Amit Kulkarni

Jun 21
5 min

Winning in the Age of AI
Urban Logistics and transportation planning is a complex problem to solve. There are multitude of factors pertaining to demand patterns, supply availability and city infrastructure constraints that influence logistics planning and execution. Problem gets compounded with specificities of customers business processes and industry segment they belong to. Inefficient supply chain and lower QoS have a cascading effect and results in non-measurable direct and indirect losses to businesses.

There is a need to relook at logistics ecosystem challenges through a whole new perspective. New age technologies have not really penetrated deep in this domain especially in developing markets. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Big data and IoT holds a great promise in streamlining and automatingĀ logistics processes. AI techniques can be leveraged to optimize resources, reduce cost and improve collaboration among multiple parties. Machine learning techniques can be used to process signals of intelligence and build patterns to predict outcomes and prescribe specific actions to ease operational decisions.

We at Mojro leverage Big Intelligence(AI on Big Data) to achieve hyper scale and solve complex logistics problems in no time. We take inspiration from technologies that mimic biological evolution and human adaptation for continuous learning and innovation. We have consciously stayed away from using brute force techniques for solving optimization problems. Adoption of reactive techniques and resilient architecture help us to quickly tune our platform to meet specific customer requirements and incrementally solve new business problems.