Complexity in dynamic planning simplified

Space & Route Optimizer

AI powered, Heuristitcs driven, constraint library to model various logistics business problems.

3- Dimensional Bin Packer

Vehicle container optimizer for recommending best fleet mix, considering LIFO requirements.


Intelligent supervised language model with ability to enrich and resolve raw addresses.

Multi-Leg Planning (Cross Dock)

Ability to automatically plan multiple legs of your supply chain deliveries.

Plan visualization

Visualize the recommended plan on a Timeline & Map. Filter & Analyze the Trips across Time, Distance, Duration, Vehicle Category & Utilization.

Custom business rules modeler

Model specific logistics business rules yourselves on the Platform.

Real time visibility of deliveries made possible

Trip List

List all Trips based on a Filter & Take necessary action from a single place.

Smart Assignment of Vehicles

Auto assignment of vehicles to Trips based on Affinity models.

Smart ETA Engine

A real time Smart ETA engine that frequently calculates trip/delivery times for all in-progress trips. Keep everyone informed of the exact status of deliveries.

Manual Trip Override

Override the Trips that have been automatically planned. Add/delete delivery locations or change the sequence of deliveries.

Track Trips

Track all your live Trips on an intuitive interface. Get status of each of your deliveries and stay on top.

Proof of Deliveries

Capture and View Digital Proof Of Deliveries from a single place.

Rider activities are streamlined

Automatic Trip Assignment

Automatically lets the Riders know of Trip assignment and changes to the Trips.

Automated Driver Actions

App can intelligently determine Rider locations and predict Actions when Rider fails to perform Actions.

Delivery Dashboard

Dashboard view for Rider that summarizes all Actions to be performed as part of the Trip.

Maps Integration

Turn by turn navigation for the Rider through Maps integration.

Delivery Process Digitization

Digitization of delivery proofs, payment collections, delivery & return items.


Support for 6 languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil & Telugu.

Manage key Master information


Store all your pickup & delivery addresses on the Platform. Manage the addresses from a single place.


Store and manage all the SKUs and its dimensions from a single place. Refer to these SKUs while planning instead of having to provide all the information every single time.


Maintain all Vehicles you have access to from a single place. These vehicles will be considered for Planning dynamically.


Maintain Drivers and their vehicle assignment from a single place.


Create and maintain all Transporter information from a single place including the cost of renting different categories of vehicles from each of the Transporters.

Measure & improve efficiency

Logistics Reports

Access all your data and related insights through a spectrum of reports available across Planning, Execution, Delivery, Vehicle, Drivers, Transporters and Cost dimensions.


An intuitive single page summary of what is happening with your Logistics that can be sliced and diced across different time ranges.

Logistics Control Tower

A single place view of what is happening with each of your deliveries including the ETA and delay notifications.

Trip & Driver Ratings

Automated ratings for each of your trips based on different categories. Helps you identify the top performing Trips/Drivers.

Seamless to and fro Data flows

API based

API based integrations to your Systems. Let your logistics be fully automated.

State of the art security

Identity Management

Your data is secure behind password based access to the system. You are in control of who has access to the features and data.

Access Management

Self service driven, Role based Access Management keeps you in control of who has access to which features.

Hierarchy based data access

Define Hierarchies that reflects your Organization structure and let users access data related to hierarchy they belong to.