Continuous Planning Optimization

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Effective order planning is a value-creating activity in logistics. Dealing with a continuous inflow of orders and still keeping the logistics optimized to deliver to customers' expectations is the key to success.

Continuous order handling
  • Managing daily inflows without efficient planning can cause delayed or unfulfilled deliveries.
Vehicle underutilization
  • No intelligent system to easily match vehicle capacities to new orders, and utilize vehicles optimally.
No preference-based planning
  • Incoming orders are combined with new orders without considering better alternatives.
Poor delivery personnel planning
  • Manual planning is error-prone and fails to take advantage of opportunities.
Continuous optimization

Overlay inflowing priority orders on top of existing routes without affecting existing SLAs, notify drivers of change.

Real-time automated trip and driver allocation

Take manual planning out of the picture to seamlessly match trips to drivers for incoming orders.

Predictive automated revised planner

Improve forecast accuracy and delivery planning through data analysis and rich insights generated automatically.


Mojro-The platform for dynamic logistics planning
Minimize/Eliminate delayed or unfulfilled deliveries
Improve vehicle and resource utilization
Handle large inflows more effectively
Save time with automatic trip and driver matching
Optimize decision-making and operational efficiency

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