Dairy Tanker Optimization

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Smart container planning for the dairy industry

Multi-compartment container planning. Smart sourcing. Efficient routing.

A solution to ensure optimized and best-suited routes for a network of chillers and plants.

Fixed routes
  • A lack of flexible planning prevents optimal decisions during business variability and leads to low asset utilization and high cost
Variation in demand and supply
  • Large variation in available tanker capacities, multi-compartment tankers
  • Varying plant requirements for different types of milk
Keeping milk fresh
  • Manual planning and scheduling of tankers lead to longer travel and higher wait times at plants affecting the freshness of milk.

Optimize based on multi-compartment, fleet mix, chiller locations, product shelf-life, and other parameters.

Daily dynamic or periodic

Capability for dynamic vehicle routing or periodic optimization based on sets of routes.

Sourcing automation

Automate decision on where a plant needs to source its milk for minimum transport cost based on network constraints and supply and demand capacities


Mojro-The platform for dynamic logistics planning
Achieve cost savings of up to 40%
Address business variability easily
Make real-time data-backed decisions
Improve asset utilization
Deploy the right fleets for your business

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Optimizing Logistics in Dairy Industry - Farm to Fork
Optimizing Logistics in Dairy Industry - Farm to Fork

Dairy is a large industry, and it’s just becoming bigger. That comes as no surprise. It meets a wide range of customer demands, including increased protein intake and general health (especially for growing children), as well as indulgence foods and convenience.

Why is Automated Route Planning Better than Manual?
Why is Automated Route Planning Better than Manual?

Effective logistics planning can have a huge impact on a company’s customers, its logistics and supply chain, and overall development. Fleet managers have to face challenges every day as customer demands and shorter lead times have made logistics planning more complex than ever before. Improving delivery performance while maintaining cost-efficiency is getting tougher due to rising competition in the market.

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Ace Tanker Route Planning for Efficient Procurement
Ace Tanker Route Planning for Efficient Procurement

In the dairy supply chain, the tanker is a vital component for transporting the milk from the farmer to the dairy plant. Tanker planning is a crucial process in the procurement of milk. It is only through efficient tanker planning that the milk reaches the end customers in a safe and timely manner.

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