Dairy Tanker Optimization

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Smart container planning for the dairy industry

Multi-compartment container planning. Smart sourcing. Efficient routing.

A solution to ensure optimized and best-suited routes for a network of chillers and plants.

Fixed routes
  • A lack of flexible planning prevents optimal decisions during business variability and leads to low asset utilization and high cost
Variation in demand and supply
  • Large variation in available tanker capacities, multi-compartment tankers
  • Varying plant requirements for different types of milk
Keeping milk fresh
  • Manual planning and scheduling of tankers lead to longer travel and higher wait times at plants affecting the freshness of milk.

Optimize based on multi-compartment, fleet mix, chiller locations, product shelf-life, and other parameters.

Daily dynamic or periodic

Capability for dynamic vehicle routing or periodic optimization based on sets of routes.

Sourcing automation

Automate decision on where a plant needs to source its milk for minimum transport cost based on network constraints and supply and demand capacities


Mojro-The platform for dynamic logistics planning
Achieve cost savings of up to 40%
Address business variability easily
Make real-time data-backed decisions
Improve asset utilization
Deploy the right fleets for your business

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