Secondary Distribution

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Mojro-The platform for dynamic logistics planning

Optimize transportation planning. Increase delivery efficiency.

A number of factors determine the delivery performance from distribution centre to buyers. Smart recommendations from Mojro beat common challenges in secondary distribution.

High transportation costs
  • Transportation budgets are always under strain from inflation and fuel price hikes
Variable demand
  • Demand volatility is a reality for many industries
  • Impacting logistics cost significantly
Efficient vehicle utilization
  • Reactive planning and inefficient fleet mix lead to wastefulness and delays
Combining orders for efficiency
  • Fixed routes for delivery and limitations of manual planning are the norm
Dynamic route planning

Improve the speed of efficiency of your logistics operations

Fill rate recommendation

Ensure better utilization of vehicles for stock transfers

Automated multi-leg planning

Take faster, better decisions across the full supply chain

Load Builder

Seamlessly match vehicle type and capacity to SKUs


Efficient transportation planning with Mojro
Increase order fulfilment lead time with automated multi-leg planning
Improve vehicle utilization to optimize fuel costs and worker schedules
Reduce stocking days for indirect cost savings
Meet demand uncertainties with dynamic scenario-based planning
Minimize loss of sale and keep customers consistently happy
Drive up delivery efficiency by combining orders
Tackle variabilities in fuel prices and demand-supply more easily

Relevant Industries


Multi Dimensional Optimization
Multi Dimensional Optimization

When it comes to logistics optimization, many solutions providers stop at offering basic route optimization. Enterprises are looking at using planning and optimization to gain strategic advantage. This can be made only possible by deploying algorithms that are capable of carrying out multi-dimensional optimization.

Fill Rate Optimization
Fill Rate Optimization

Logistics, particularly last-mile delivery, are a complex part of any retail or wholesale business. Being time- and cost-intensive, ensuring that inventory management, freight carriage, and last-mile delivery are efficient is paramount for the business\\\' entire supply chain to be profitable. This is where fill rate optimization plays a critical role.

Why is Automated Route Planning Better than Manual?
Why is Automated Route Planning Better than Manual?

Effective logistics planning can have a huge impact on a company’s customers, its logistics and supply chain, and overall development. Fleet managers have to face challenges every day as customer demands and shorter lead times have made logistics planning more complex than ever before. Improving delivery performance while maintaining cost-efficiency is getting tougher due to rising competition in the market.

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How to Maximize Vehicle Utilization?
How to Maximize Vehicle Utilization?

Vehicle utilization plays an extremely important role in determining the success of the supply chain system. By employing better techniques of vehicle utilization, organizations can increase their efficiency, improve their productivity and also minimize the risks associated with the failed deliveries.

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