Real-time Visibility

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Mojro-The platform for dynamic logistics planning

Leverage real-time data-driven insights for effective delivery planning and monitoring.

Visibility into real-time driver positions and delivery actions for effective monitoring and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Driver monitoring
  • No tool to view on-ground scenario.
Customer transparency
  • No means of giving accurate real-time updates to customers.
Performance measurement
  • Calibrating performance is difficult without clear insights.
Stakeholder communication
  • Challenges to put all stakeholders on the same page.
Control Tower

Check how deliveries are progressing, including ETAs and delay notifications, on a single platform.

Real-time notifications

Keep customers updated on the status of deliveries and assure an enhanced tracking experience.

Driver performance ratings

Implement a fair performance system for drivers to ensure adherence and encourage positive behaviors.

Dashboard view for rider

Equip delivery personnel with a dashboard summary of all actions to be performed as part of their trip.

Proof of delivery digitization

Create automatic digital copies of delivery proof, payment collection, deliveries, returns and other delivery documents.


Effective delivery planning and monitoring with Mojro
Enhanced customer satisfaction from real-time order updates
Consistent flow of data and communication across stakeholders
Boost driver performance and adherence to policy
Performance benchmarks for continuous improvement
Accurate delivery planning and effective monitoring
Fewer delayed deliveries, damage to goods and risky driver behaviors
Positive impact on bottom line and business competitiveness
Efficient delivery planning for thousands of vehicles and multiple locations
Improved record-keeping and data security from digitization
Optimal use of time and resources

Relevant Industries


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Digitization in Supply Chain After Covid

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The Importance of Visibility in Logistics and Supply Chain

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