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Mojro- For address resolution and smart sorting
logistics planning
Continuous Planning

Leverage a flexible framework that allows you to include new priority incoming orders for allocation among existing delivery associates.

last mile delivery software company
Dynamic optimization of last-mile delivery

Decide on-the-fly on direct vs. depot routed deliveries, assign specific geo-fences to your depots and harness the power of dynamic route optimization.

address optimizer
Address resolution

Improve the quality of customer addresses to a high degree of accuracy for more efficient logistics.

cartonization software
Smart sorting

Enable smart sorting of packages to dynamically recommended trips.

best software for supply chain management

Seamlessly model vehicles for pickup and delivery operations and plan logistics smartly regardless of constraints.

delivery vehicle planning software
Intuitive delivery management app

Gain real-time visibility into operations and step in to resolve unforeseen situations quickly.


delivery planning
Save costs by continuously optimizing pick-up and delivery operations
last mile delivery software company
Improve first-attempt delivery rate, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce costs 
route planning and optimization software
Automate sorting operations with quick algorithm optimization
ai in supply chain management
Manage seasonality and growth with auto-scaling as needed
Mojro- The strategic logistics planner you need


Mojro’s Geo Resolver is an NLP-based solution that performs geo-location lookups based on phrases to improve the quality of delivery addresses and facilitate smart clubbing of orders. It enables you to improve FADR and cut down on multi-delivery attempts. Improve the quality of addresses for quick and efficient delivery of parcel and courier delivery. Drive up the customer satisfaction rate by meeting express delivery requirements.
Mojro is a plug-and-play solution that automates multiple logistics planning and monitoring activities. You don’t need to be technology savvy to figure out the platform and start using it from Day 1. Our support team is available to guide you and help you make the most of this innovative solution. Our delivery management app is also intuitive and user-friendly. It has multi-lingual capabilities to cater to a wide range of logistics stakeholders.
Certainly! Mojro is a scalable solution that can accommodate your increasing needs and resources without introducing complexity. Rest assured that you will enjoy using our innovative, engaging, best-in-class logistics-as-a-service platform.

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