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Mojro - Your eCommerce logistics partner


Mojro - For address resolution and smart sorting
hyper scale logistics

Handle large-scale deliveries and pickups efficiently and with ease.

delivery management
Priority planning

Include priority as a factor for planning deliveries within the preferred delivery windows.

last mile tracking
ETAs to customers

Your customers can track and stay on top of their orders with real-time notifications.

best logistic automization software
Auto assignment of trips

Intelligently assigns trips based on affinity and proximity.

ecommerce logistics and shipping software solution
Returns management

Manage reverse logistics efficiently and increase the speed of returns from customer to seller.

best software for supply chain management
Intuitive delivery management app

Gain real-time visibility into operations, encompassing delivery proof, payments, deliveries and returns.


Mojro- The strategic logistics planner you need
delivery planning
Improve first attempt delivery rate
supply chain solution
Manage order variability and seasonality
multiple address route planning
Make forward and reverse logistics more efficient
last mile delivery tracking
Strengthen returns and replacement logistics
benefits of automation in logistics
Boost customer loyalty


Weekly, monthly or yearly seasonal patterns are common in the ecommerce industry. Mojro enables you to manage demand variability using real-time dynamic route optimization. The intelligent algorithms help you to make objective and situation-based decisions on delivery operations. Being a scalable platform, Mojro grows with you.
Route optimization is one of the ways in which Mojro saves costs and helps boost your bottom line. The ability to analyze demand in real-time and resolving incomplete or inaccurate addresses improves delivery speed. Features such as priority planning and ETAs enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
The assigning, routing and scheduling decisions in the delivery planning process are often error-prone when performed manually. Mojro does a far better and faster job of assigning trips after taking affinity models into consideration. The assignment occurs automatically and allows you to effectively manages the demands of every trip.

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In today’s ‘need it now’ ecommerce culture, Mojro can make a huge difference to your logistics operations. Your team will align quickly around this easy-to-use platform. To see Mojro in action, book a demo or learn more about the platform at sales@mojro.com.

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