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Dairy logistics made easy with Mojro
Mojro-The platform for dynamic logistics planning


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Best-in-class optimization engine

Save costs with best routes in real-time to accelerate inbound and outbound distribution, multi-compartment tanker optimization

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Sourcing automation and optimization

Minimize costs by automating the decision-making of chiller to plant sourcing based on multiple constraints such as chiller proximity, plant capacity and available fleet mix.

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Flexible framework

Model your requirements to manage POD cash, crates, expenses and returns through improved collaboration.

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Real-time tracking with Control Tower

Gain visibility into tanker movements and improve exceptions management to avoid costly disruptions.

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Daily performance reports

Analyze daily performance and deviations to bring about continuous improvements.

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Multi-lingual interactive driver app

Empower drivers to boost their efficiency using guided navigation and leverage real-time visibility to monitor logistics.


Mojro- The strategic logistics planner you need
best logistic automization software
Optimize logistics costs
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Improve resource utilization
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Reduce error rates
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Better control over logistics operations
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Enhance productivity
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Huge time savings from automated logistics planning
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Improved collaboration across stakeholders


One of the ways in which Mojro supports supply chain agility is by enabling real-time transportation visibility. You get instant access on the state and movement of milk tankers. It allows you to respond automatically to disruptions or unexpected changes. Live tracking and status updates on location of supplies in transit also help you make proactive decisions about your transportation operations.
Our platform is purpose-built to specific industries. It has taken into account the fragmented nature of the dairy industry and offers features that make transportation planning more efficient and precise. Automated planning provides the flexibility to constantly improve by changing parameters, constraints and rules. Improvements in route planning, vehicle type and capacity, vehicle utilization, and priority delivery can be envisioned, among other things.
Mojro is a platform that digitizes, automates and optimizes end-to-end logistics, bringing several benefits to your business, among them, efficient vehicle utilization, intelligent vehicle allocation and optimal fleet mix. You can make informed decisions on new vehicle purchase and maintain your fleet in a way that contributes to their ability to deliver products reliably.

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