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Mojro-Your one-stop solution for CPG and FMCG logistics optimization


Mojro- For address resolution and smart sorting
route planning and optimization software
Space and route optimization

Get real-time, dynamic recommendations of efficient clusters and best fleet-mix for large SKU assortments.

Distribution configuration

Leverage our vast constraint library of over 60 constraints for rapid and effective decisions minus the stress.

best multi stop route planner
Multi-leg planning

Consider real-time cross-dock identification with business and operational constraints for optimal docks, reduced trips across legs and faster turnaround.

supply chain network optimisation
Network optimization

Find an optimal combination of depots, hubs and retailers to accelerate delivery velocity and reduce inventory holding.

Stakeholder coordination

End-to-end digitization improves real-time visibility into operations for better stakeholder coordination.

ai in logistics and supply chain
Progressive learning

Feed insights from execution back into the planning to make continuous improvements and overcome various challenges.


Mojro- The strategic logistics planner you need
supply chain optimization
Drive up planning efficiency with automatic retail distribution workflows
supply chain transportation management software
Improve stakeholder collaboration and win the trust of logistics partners
logistics control tower
Seamlessly monitor delivery with real-time Control Tower and Dashboards
ai route optimization
Save logistics costs through multi-dimensional optimization
best delivery route planner
Identify optimal vehicle routing schedules to maximize time and fuel savings
logistics dashboard
Gain a wealth of insights from automating key processes


Mojro is an AI-platform that uses heuristic techniques to optimize the route of every delivery vehicle in real time. Streams of geographical, traffic, environmental and shipment data are correlated with delivery time windows to generate the best route for each shipment.
Mojro has the capability to model FTL / LTL, Inbound / Outbound and Last-Mile processes, and offers useful features such as the Sales-beat Scheduler, Fill-rate Optimization, Recommendation Engine, to name a few.
Logical constraints are an important functionality of our CPG logistics optimization platform. Our 60+ constraints are useful for modelling problems and identifying the best possible solutions in a time-efficient manner. Based on the input data, you can simulate the output of the logistics problem and evaluate its potential impact in real-time.

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Nearly three-quarters of retail buyers end vendor relationships over delivery issues. With Mojro, you can achieve distribution efficiencies, make operations more streamlined and amplify service performance. Drop us a line at sales@mojro.com to explore our powerful platform and see it in action.

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