Thanks to ‘Always-On’ consumers and their insatiable demands, FMCG, 4th largest sector of Indian economy is in a phase of rapid digital transformation across business functions. With an anticipated market size of US$ 103.7 Billion by 2020, serving 8 million stores across the breadth and width of the country, FMCG has one of the most complex supply chain infrastructure which is ripe for massive disruption.

While every large FMCG firm has attempted digital transformation initiatives in the past, when compared to the western economies, the average cost of distribution is way higher in Indian eco-system. Thanks to rapid urbanization, wide spread Mom & Pop stores, wobbling infrastructure, counterfeit product penetration, huge dependency on distributor network and limited digital penetration on transportation segment, huge fluctuations on demand and so on, there are enough headaches that has limited the impact of digital transformation initiatives on the ground. Precisely where Team Mojro has set their eyes – bring hyperscale, but realistic transformation at grass root levels.

Mojro platform offers comprehensive, but practical digital solutions focused on optimization & automation to bring improved efficiencies on to distribution planning and execution. With a demonstrated 10-15% savings across secondary, tertiary and last mile operations, Mojro platform aims at taking FMCG brands to be future ready, a day where distributors are largely credit handling intermediaries and do more with less. With the help of Mojro’s home grown algorithms, the following benefits are typically delivered to our marquee customers.

Reduction in Cost
Increase in Productivity
Reduction in Effort

Distribution, especially to urban centers involves modeling multitude of constraints including store operating hours, vehicle restrictions, difference in handling of modern trade and general trade, vehicle entry restrictions etc. With Mojro platform, our customers can handle as much as 34 odd predefined constraints and on-the-fly customer specific constraints, which enables us to bridge the gap of making typical AI driven models deployable on the ground.

While most of the existing solutions focus on solving visibility issue, Mojro’s platform takes a huge leap in getting our FMCG customers two steps ahead of competition in solving complex problems of party-packed deliveries enabled by multi-hops, without compromising on the quality of services. At the same time, the platform provides enough features to fulfil the fundamental needs of ensuring higher visibility, bringing down the cost of distribution and also trying to reduce the stock-outs at retail without having to pile up inventory.

We strongly believe that a successful digital transformation for FMCG distribution cannot happen without taking thousands of distributors along as an integral part. Taking them along in technology terms refers to creating a very user friendly system that is built on a dependable & scalable solution architecture, which can accommodate executing millions of computations in parallel within reasonable time frame. This also means providing adequate provisions within the platform to manually over-ride the system driven decisions to accommodate the practical on-ground challenges. That is precisely what is offered by Mojro.

The following diagram provides a bird’s eye view of the typical use-cases which are supported by the platform.

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