Supply Chain Reimagined

Amit Kulkarni

Oct 14
5 min

Supply Chain Reimagined
Logistics sector is at the cusp of transformation. Businesses are looking at their logistics through a new lens. It is no more a cost center, rather it is seen more as revenue center. There is tremendous opportunity to optimize every leg of supply chain.

New age supply chain solutions will tend to become more decentralized, distributed and will focus on Outside-In approach to consider external factors beyond the boundaries of an enterprise. Architectural backbone of such systems need to have the capability to consider variables affecting supply chain that transcends boundaries of multiple organizations.

Following technologies are vital for cutting edge logistics solutions,

Artificial Intelligence - AI means different things to different people. It covers broad spectrum from robotics, Image processing, to conversational bots to advanced machine learning pipelines.

When it comes to transportation planning, AI can help in identifying best fleet mix and vehicle route required for carrying out large number of deliveries. The problem complexity is much more beyond route optimization. Key is in ability to quickly model customer specific logistics requirements, apply external factors(traffic, city dynamics etc.) and generate most efficient dispatch plan. AI techniques help in efficiently solving these non-linear problems by carrying out millions of computations considering hundreds of variables.

Especially in logistics domain, it is important to adopt "Augmented Intelligence" strategy.

We at Mojro strive to augment human intelligence with AI to significantly improve people's efficiency.

While AI holds a great promise, it is important to use apt toolset/technology depending on type of problem. Sometimes, one size fits all approach of using GPU/TPU based learning techniques can become super expensive leading to lower benefit-cost ratio for customers.

Big Data - Logistics domain involves multiple data islands. It ranges from procurement, demand, warehousing to transportation data. In order to make sense out of data and derive intelligence, it is important to build cohesive data reservoir. Big data helps in seamlessly joining these big and small(sensor, time series) data sets and provide consistent programming model to process data with different volume, velocity and variety. For successful AI rollouts, it is important to follow stringent data engineering practices even before applying data mining techniques.

Block Chain - Block chain will do to supply chain similar to what internet did to media world. Concept is quite simple but very effective. Distributed, immutable ledger significantly improves the trust factor. Digital proof of deliveries can automate and speed up invoicing processes. Validation process of insurance claims will get eased out. Block chain powered system will become authoritative source of records and will lead to cost reduction and higher supply chain transparency.

At Mojro, we emphasize on building collaborative planning and execution models using aforesaid technologies. Our progressive learning algorithms identify patterns of inefficiencies and preempt customers with prescriptive actions. These learnings are then fed back to planning engine for ongoing improvements. We offer controls to enable tunable optimization. We work with our customers to define and implement path to optimization(Inefficiency to super efficiency). We understand that every step towards optimization requires business process change and with help of self-service models, we enable seamless automation around logistics planning and execution processes.