Readying for Uncertain New World?

Arunika Priyadarshini

Apr 20
5 min

Readying for Uncertain New World?

Mojro’s operations, availability and support to help you better handle your phasing out of the ‘lockdown’

Looks like ray of hope by end of this lockdown tunnel – a slow recovery process – a possible way out unavailability of truckers, plummeted demand, piled inventory and what not. It has been an extremely unprecedented hardship so far and for all right reasons. It is time to start working on what next?

A lot has changed around us just in matter of weeks and if experts are to be believed, these changes are here to stay. Be it flexible & remote working, technology adoption, consumer behavior, consumption pattern or travel, Covid has left us with an ever-lasting impact. We are stepping into a new world, a world with higher reliance on technology, tougher safety regulations and extremely complex. The situation calls for a robust ‘plan’ – a plan that outlines a complete digital transformation and most global organizations are already at it.

Instead of halting your business decisions for later, resulting in massive backlogs, it is probably better to be proactive in exploring various options to avoid loss of business/opportunity. At Mojro, we are ready with a future-proof technology, to support you with Vehicle Planning & Execution Automation in this rapidly evolving and dynamic business scenario.

Deciding a newer approach to transform your business is never easy without proper research and evaluation. We are happy and very much ready to receive any kind of request on demos, trial runs, or any other support.

We have completely shifted our operations and interactions online and have streamlined our process.

  1. We can be reached out for online demo scheduling through our website where we showcase the value that we can create for you.
  2. Our team is available remotely for product capability demonstrations and regular follow ups via online meetings.
  3. Our executive members are available and are just a call away to schedule a web conference in case they are needed in your business decision making process in your preparation to better handle your phase out of lockdown.
  4. Our product & analysts are available to support you in performing simulations to weigh different options available at your disposal and take an informed decision.

Reach out at to explore synergies.