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Intelligent journey planning for field service agents

Intelligent journey planning for on-ground service providers

Optimal route planning solution to ensure efficient number of visits and maximize utilization of on-ground service providers.

Allocation of service requests
  • Fixed servicing clusters and dynamic orders make efficient allocation of service request challenging.
Manage real-time order dynamicity
  • Ad-hoc cancellations and rescheduling requests by customers add to complexity.
Ideal resource allocation
  • Inaccurate addresses and error in assigning routes correctly to agents affects overall outcomes.
Visibility into performance
  • A lack of tools for real-time visibility into agents’ on-ground journeys and activities.
Route planning

Automated route planning for efficient clustering and managing daily dynamicity of orders based on business rules, such as delivery window, resource availability and service times.


Geo-resolver solves the problem of inaccurate addresses, enhancing delivery accuracy and speed.

Top-up planner

Accommodate ad-hoc requests and tweak route planning and allocation within seconds.

Auto-assignment of trips and drivers

Trips and drivers are matched automatically to get everyone moving quickly and avoiding delays.

Control Tower

Monitor the real time performance of agents and step in to resolve unforeseen delays agilely.


Mojro-The platform for dynamic logistics planning
Optimal agent utilization
Increased customer satisfaction
Better operational control
Efficient performance monitoring
Adherence to journey plan

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