Last-Mile Delivery Automation

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Mojro-Optimize last-mile logistics

Optimize Last Mile Logistics. Scale Your Business.

Last mile delivery automation is the utilization of real-time data and communication tools
to overcome all challenges in the final leg, boost customer experience, and run last-mile operations as efficiently as possible

Delayed/Failed delivery:
  • Incomplete addresses mean calling customers to resolve addresses, causing delayed deliveries and a bad customer experience
No on-ground visibility:
  • Lack of tools for continuous and real-time visibility to understand the operations
Struggle to manage large orders:
  • Manual planning is time-consuming, inefficient and error-prone
Real-time geo-resolver enables optimum route planning

Ensure on-time deliveries and less stress for drivers.

Daily dynamic planning

Cluster deliveries based on locations, leverage flexible time slots and adhere to time windows.

Configurable mobile app

Digitize the delivery process on your terms for better control and performance analysis.

Control-tower and real-time tracking

Monitor ground-level delivery activities as they are happening and adapt instantly to unforeseen changes.


Smart route planning with Mojro
Fast order fulfillment helps gain more satisfied and repeat customers
Improved oversight over operations minimizes inefficiencies
Smart planning and real-time visibility prevent/minimize delays
Improved route planning and mapping reduces driver stress
Continuous performance improvements boost competitive edge
The last mile doesn't have to be the least efficient any more. Make the last leg super efficient and effective with Mojro.

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