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Automated decision-making

The cornerstone of Mojro’s platform is its ability to model complex supply chain problems using self-service techniques and harness data to automate decision-making.

We help customers in managing trade-offs (example: logistics speed vs logistics cost) better using a smart decision support system. Our advanced system fuses technologies like AI, Operations Research and Big Data to solve logistics problems at scale and blazing speeds.

Platform powered by Deep Tech and proven architectural patterns

ai in logistics and supply chain management

Hierarchical way of modelling constraints at country/region/city level and so on

benefits of automation in logistics
Highly Configurable

Black box solutions cannot cater to rapidly changing business needs

multiple destination route planner solutions
Reactive Paradigm

Event driven, resilient and hyperscale distributed processing

cloud based supply chain management software
Polyglot Processing & Storage

Leverage the right tool for the right job

cloud based transportation management system
Micro Services

Loosely coupled functional blocks enable rapid innovation

how logistics automation software works
Progressive Learning

Tap insights to tune algorithms and autocorrect data quality problems

benefits of automation in logistics 

Make your supply chain highly resilient and efficient using core platform capabilities

ai in logistics and supply chain management

Multi-dimensional optimization

Optimize container capacity, route, number of deliveries and lead time.

benefits of automation in logistics
Prescriptive Analytics

Leverage our Recommender Engine to improve asset utilization and QoS,

route planning and optimization software
BYOC Model

Build your own constraints using self-service modeller to reflect business needs.

multiple destination route planner solutions
CEP Processor

Predict delays and non-compliance in real-time to make distribution processes proactive.

best software for supply chain management
Proprietary Heuristics Algorithms

Solve vehicle routing, 3D bin packing and scheduling problems simultaneously to improve overall asset utilization.

what is bin packing algorithm
Prebuilt Integration Connectors

Make the most of our real-time and near-real time integration methods using APIs, ETL services and ERP connectors.

Mojro- For planning your resources better

Highest level of security powered by Defence in Depth Model

Audit traceability
Role based access control
OAuth Support
Multi-level encryption

ISO 27001 Certified

Accelerate your pace of innovation


Carry out scenario testing and experiment on various supply chain parameters

Enterprise Analytics

Refine your enterprise analytics capabilities by leveraging insights and recommendations from Mojro’s platform

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