About us

Our Story

Our Story

Mojro meets the needs for visibility, efficiency and collaboration within the supply chain.

The name is inspired by and a tribute to Mohenjo-daro, one of the world's earliest cities acknowledged for its sophisticated engineering and urban planning.

Our Story

Our journey so far

  • The idea for Mojro is born
  • The company is founded
  • Logistics marketplace model rollout
  • Acquired our first customer
  • Focused on product enhancements
  • Acquired our first enterprise customer
  • Pivoted to SaaS model
  • Received first formal investment
  • Acquired our first SaaS customer
  • Pan India consolidation began
  • Received our second round of investment
  • Signed up marquee customers
  • Executed pandemic-driven strategy
  • Acquired first international customer
  • Expanded to South East Asia
  • Acquired customers in five countries
  • Global expansion commenced


Our team comprises passionate, inquisitive, and solution-oriented professionals. These are the core values that drive us and matter to the continued success of Mojro.


Automate and digitize the logistics process
Integrate and optimize
cost of delivery
Deliver intuitive and easy-to-use solutions
Facilitate end-to-end visibility of last-mile delivery


Build smarter supply chains through faster and efficient decision-making

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