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Shopping used to be a real headache for our parents and grandparents. Most had to push carts and scourge the shelves in shops even for the most basic things. But now we have everything at our fingertips - from groceries to even electronic appliances - made possible by the rapid rise of the e-commerce landscape. 

A study by Statista shows that retail e-commerce sales worldwide are expected to reach 8148 USD by 2026. This can look like a fantastic opportunity for businesses looking to expand their operations in this sector. But there are numerous challenges that businesses face in eCommerce and delivery management, like shifting market dynamics, fickle customers, and ever-increasing client demands.

What is dispatch management?

Dispatch management in logistics is a critical process that ensures the efficient coordination and execution of transportation operations. It is the method through which a company or organization plans, assigns, and keeps track of service calls and deliveries. Dispatch management links customers and product or service suppliers and plays a pivotal role in optimizing routes, assigning vehicles, and managing driver assignments to meet delivery deadlines while minimizing costs.

Challenges in dispatch management

Businesses face numerous challenges when optimizing their dispatch management systems. Ensuring client satisfaction is one of them. Customers always expect speedy and on-time deliveries and convenience of returns. Studies have shown that customers are willing to pay more for speedy deliveries. They also expect to be provided with real-time information on their package locations.

Cost is another important challenge in dispatch management. A study by Insider Intelligence has reported that last mile delivery charges account for a considerable portion of the whole shipping cost, about 53%. This makes it important to have optimized last mile logistics to ensure cost-effective operation.

Sustainability is also a challenge in dispatch operations management since clients are now aware of the importance of environmental protection and are always on the lookout for new methods to reduce their carbon footprint.

Mojro's dispatch management system

Mojro, a logistics management and optimization solution, offers businesses a perfect way to improve their last mile delivery processes. The solution uses AI/ML-powered technologies to find and eliminate delivery inefficiencies. Mojro's Planwyse enables 6D optimization, thereby reducing costs and the distance traveled by fleets. The route optimization feature of Planwyse allows managers to account for dynamic changes in orders.

Mojro has worked with a number of businesses in over 7 countries and successfully completed more than 40 million deliveries. Our efficient logistics optimization techniques that has constantly evolved even during the pandemic have gained us loyal clients worldwide. Mojro helps businesses scale their dispatch management and last mile delivery processes by reducing the distance covered by drivers and carbon emissions. In fact, this solution has solidified the sustainability strategies of various organizations by facilitating a 14M+ km reduction in distance traveled. Mojro's dispatch management system was also instrumental in reducing over three million tons of greenhouse gas emissions happening due to last mile processes. Mojro has also helped businesses achieve leaps in delivery management by enabling a 25% increase in vehicle utilization


A dispatch management system is crucial for logistics because it optimizes routes, assigns resources efficiently, and monitors deliveries in real time. By using a future-ready solution like Mojro's Planwyse, businesses enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure timely delivery improving customer satisfaction. Mojro can help managers achieve their logistics goals with AI-powered solutions.


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