How Cartonization in Warehouse Management Helps in Efficient Packaging


How Cartonization in Warehouse Management Helps in Efficient Packaging





If you are running a small business and only cater to the needs of local customers, you may not think of cartonization much. But as your business grows, the necessity of shipping products to different places increases and becomes more frequent. Managers must maintain their logistics costs as low as possible and ensure safe packaging. This is where cartonization becomes a critical component of the distribution network.


What is cartonization?


Determining the most effective packaging options by analyzing the shape, weight, and size of each to be transported or shipped is called "cartonization." Mojro’s cartonization solution-PackWyse can boost profitability by lowering packing time and material waste and accelerating order delivery, thereby improving customer satisfaction.


Importance of cartonization


The role of packaging in logistics cannot be stressed enough. The benefits of using cartonization include the following:


  • Cartonization chooses the best packaging materials and boxes for every order, reducing the material costs associated with packing more boxes than needed. Appropriately packaged orders also lessen the possibility of something breaking during transit, reducing the frequency of returns.
  • Cartonization solutions calculate the type, size, and number of packing cartons needed, freeing up staff time to focus on tasks supporting business growth. This rise in productivity may result in more orders being filled.
  • Cartonization makes shipping and packing as affordable as feasible while accounting for the different restrictions imposed by various carriers to prevent unanticipated extra costs.
  • Workers can pick things straight into the last shipping containers if the packing correctly prevents shipping delays.


How Mojro's PackWyse stands out to be one of the best software for cartonization?


PackWyse from Mojro is an effective solution that allows businesses to optimize and automate their loading processes to ensure safe loading by calculating the needs for crates, pallets, and containers based on business regulations, material properties, single-axis rotation, and other factors. PackWyse offers numerous features to businesses, including the following:


Optimization of cartons


PackWyse has best-in-class cartonization logic that enables businesses to optimize and automate their carton selection processes before picking and packing, preventing unnecessary loss of time and resources and maximizing space utilization.


Configure dunnage.


This feature of Packwyse helps businesses use the best padding and protection materials when transporting objects, reducing damage during transit.


Handling of non-standard products


Packwyse can find the optimum packaging arrangement for objects with unusual forms, preventing packing inefficiencies and saving time that otherwise workers will have to spend calculating the carton size required.


Constraints assessment


Businesses may find it challenging to identify the number of packages that can be stacked together. This feature of PackWyse allows businesses stack layers to see how fragile packages are and how it affects the stack as a whole.


Loading strategies


PackWyse helps businesses make wise choices regarding load splitting and affinity-based loading.




Packaging is one of the most critical processes in logistics operations. With the help of an efficient solution like Mojro’s PackWyse, businesses can automate and optimize their packaging process efficiently and cost-effectively.


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