How Do AI and ML Make Mojro the Best-in-Class Logistics Optimization Platform?


Whether we realize it or not, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have found their way into many aspects of our lives. AI and ML have also advanced the world of business across a multitude of industries. For logistics and the supply chain, AI has been a game-changer.

According to Mckinsey, AI would "create an entirely new logistics paradigm" as it would automate most of the activities that logistics companies perform. Technologies like AI and ML have been largely responsible for making the logistics sector more organized. In the supply chain sphere, AI and ML can increase efficiency significantly by streamlining processes, eliminating human error, and saving time. They can also be very useful in predicting future opportunities and challenges.

Role of AI in logistics

AI saves time, reduces costs, and increases accuracy and productivity through automation. It allows you to automate repetitive and time-consuming activities and helps save time and effort. AI also plays a key role in logistics route optimization, reducing shipping costs and generating more profits. Platforms using AI can gather and analyze information, helping businesses make informed decisions, and saving valuable time.

AI is also capable of transforming last-mile deliveries with accurate address resolution and last-mile optimization. AI-driven platforms are also great at identifying patterns and anomalies, further streamlining the logistics process.

Role of ML in logistics



ML can quickly identify patterns in supply chain data, pinpointing the most influential factors. It is capable of analyzing diverse data sets, improving your ability to adapt to sudden changes. ML can help in reducing freight costs, minimizing supplier risk, and improving delivery performance in the logistics segment.










Everything is time-bound in logistics. Every process depends on the one preceding it, and a small delay in one could have a ripple effect on all the others. A few hours of downtime could cause a delay of days in delivery.

An ML-powered platform can predict unforeseen circumstances better, lowering the risk of things going wrong in the delivery stage. ML can make planning and scheduling more efficient, streamlining the logistics process overall.

How do AI and ML make Mojro the best logistics platform?

Mojro is a best-in-class logistics platform streamlining your logistics planning process for superior efficiency, profitability, and productivity. It is simple, fast, and can be customized to suit your unique needs. Mojro is easy to configure and you can have it up and running in very little time. Whether you want to eliminate bottlenecks or make sustainable changes, Mojro is the platform that you need.

Here are the products we offer:


PlanWyse is an AI/ML-powered solution that you need for optimized route planning. It takes into consideration daily demands to optimize loads and routes. It optimizes the volume, cost, time, weight, distance, and activity quickly and effectively. With PlanWyse you can achieve superior efficiency in multi-leg planning, continuous planning, and territory-based planning.


ExecuteWyse helps you digitize your logistics processes, giving you real-time visibility into your on-ground vehicles and deliveries. It uses AI and ML to automate your processes, reducing errors, maximizing resource utilization, and helping you make quick decisions. Thanks to its Smart ETA Engine, you can also accurately predict delivery times and notify your customers, significantly improving customer satisfaction.


Incorrect addresses are one of the key reasons for delayed last-mile deliveries. GeoWyse uses an AI-driven phase analytics engine for accurate address resolution. It quickly resolves bulk addresses, allowing you to make timely deliveries, and giving your customers an excellent customer experience.


PackWyse uses AI and ML for safe and effective loading. It helps you maximize space utilization by making quick decisions on configurations and loading. PackWyse ensures accurate and cost-efficient packaging and also helps save valuable man-hours.


FieldWyse helps in beat optimization by automating decisions for field workers, thereby improving efficiency. It offers smart recommendations on team size and workload, ensuring that your field force is never underutilized. Automatic scheduling saves time and effort and ensures better resource utilization.

How can AI and ML-driven Mojro's platform help your business? Talk to us to find out.

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