How Do You Plan Delivery Routes During a Pandemic?


When the pandemic struck in 2020, the world came to a halt. During the peak of lockdown, mobility around the world was heavily restricted, and as a result, supply chain management was tasked with the biggest challenge of all time. The challenge was to operate in an ever-changing climate of governance rules that were completely reliant on how fast the virus spread. All of the parameters in that sentence are out of any company’s control.

This makes sense of why many businesses took a major hit while some even closed down. But on the other hand, there were businesses that did perfectly well, or even better than the year before. The reason could be one of the two things. That is, they either didn’t rely on supply chain management at all (software companies like Google, Microsoft, AWS, etc.), or they had figured out creative ways around it. The pandemic pushed industries and businesses to think outside the box when it comes to operating on volatile laws and unpredictable trends.

One of these innovations has been a newfound use of logistics optimization software. Industries such as E-commerce and FMCG demand a lot of accuracy from logistics, and hence, software for logistics makes perfect sense in this context.

The Vehicle Routing Problem

The pandemic forced almost every business online.

Consumers could now get shipments or pick up outside in a “contactless” way. This was to abide by the laws of the country and had to be followed. However, this approach to keeping the doors open resulted in new responsibilities and issues that had to be addressed by the company, like:

  • The volume of delivery-based orders had exponentially increased because of the lockdown, making it difficult for businesses to keep up, all while following the volatile Covid protocols.
  • Avoiding the routes where the areas are restricted for travel (red zones) for driver safety.
  • Ensuring a safe logistics process for the employees, delivery personnel, and customers.
  • Which apartments allow door deliveries, and which ones only permit at-gate deliveries?
  • What happens when someone’s package gets stolen by the time they collect it from their door?
  •  Or if the customer doesn’t live in a place where secure contactless delivery could be practiced?

With little or no past experience, many shops found themselves on a big learning curve when switching to a delivery business. Anyone who has worked in a delivery-related position knows it’s not as simple as it appears. Again, it is clear that logistics optimization software could help a business deal with such issues in an automated, non-involving manner.

Route-optimization software is a big part of the custom logistics software development industry, especially with a boom in supply chain management recently. Hence, software for logistics makes perfect sense for your business’s competitive growth as well.

Route planning software: How do you benefit from it?


The global pandemic has caused logistics and supply chain professionals to rethink their strategies and technology choices. Route planning is an area where the current market dynamics reveal the drawbacks of static route planning.

Businesses that want to take advantage of dynamic planning should start using route planning software. Here’s how you can benefit from it:

Reduce fuel costs

Route planning software monitors and analyses the fuel efficiency of vehicles helping planners create the most cost-efficient route for deliveries. Efficient route planning helps reduce operational costs significantly.

Real-time visibility

Route planning software gives you real-time updates on the location of the drivers, giving you better control of your fleet. Drivers are supervised to ensure that they follow schedules and regulations, and any deviation can be easily tracked and corrective measures taken.

Smart allocation and dispatch

Route planning involves a lot of factors and is not only about finding the shortest distance between two points. By automating your route planning, you take away mundane and time-consuming tasks, saving both time and energy for your planners. Route planning software not only determines the most optimum route but can also factor in eleventh-hour changes. By investing in the right route planning software, you can get the maximum work done in a minimum time.

Competitive edge

The modern customer is demanding and expects fast and reliable delivery service. Through real-time updates and by adhering to the delivery window, you can earn the trust of your customers, positioning you better than your competitor.

Meet customer expectations

Route planning helps you make accurate and timely deliveries, which is extremely important if you want to create a positive customer experience. Route planning software uses geocoding to pin the exact delivery locations and generate final routes based on traffic conditions and the delivery timeframe. It enables businesses to deliver the right package at the right location within narrower timeframes, meeting and often exceeding customer expectations.

Route-optimization software is a big part of the custom logistics software development industry, especially with a boom in supply chain management recently. Hence, software for logistics makes perfect sense for your business’s competitive growth as well. To get started, talk to Mojro today.

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