How Logistics Software is Transforming Courier Express and Parcel Industry?



Technology continues to evolve and advance varying industries across the planet, enabling people to complete distinctive tasks faster and more efficiently. The Courier Express & Parcel (CEP) industry is among the many sectors that have been experiencing consistent advancement over the last few decades. The rise of the contemporary, on-demand economy has especially reshaped the manner in which deliveries are made.

Modern consumers demand faster delivery times. To meet their requirements, courier express companies need to incorporate logistics software and tools into multiple facets of their operations.  The logistics optimization software is commonly used to streamline the supply chain of CEP companies and achieve effective delivery management.

Logistics and courier-related technologies enable you to simplify courier operations, automate shipping, save time and reduce expenses.

Save on fuel expenses

Logistics planning software comes with features like dynamic route optimization that would help delivery executives to prevent delays while taking real-life scenarios like weather, traffic, and other factors into consideration. All you have to do is plug in the delivery destination and adjust for the specific location. This will help in reaching the destination through the best possible route and save on fuel expenses. 

Increased Visibility

ExecuteWyse by Mojro allows you to bring real-time visibility into the courier delivery process, making it possible to track delivery executives in real-time. Information like pick-up and drop location, order location, delivery executive status and ETA would be available at your fingertips. ExecuteWyse allows you to digitize delivery processes and ultimately improve customer satisfaction with features like Smart ETA Engine, returns management, and an intuitive dashboard. 

If a CEP company doesn’t make use of logistics optimization software and operates with low visibility, details in regard to route diversions and delivery may get delayed, thereby impacting delivery time. Delivery delays invariably create a negative impression on the clients and may lead you to lose a loyal customer.

Improved quality of service

Logistics Optimization Software can go a long way in elevating the quality of services provided by a CEP company, with its ability to pinpoint discrepancies, analyze data, generate dynamic reports, and make swift adjustments whenever needed.

Courier express and parcel companies that still depend on the traditional manner of operations run the risk of inconsistencies like making wrong delivery or having the risk of delayed delivery. Both of these instances can increase costs and lower the satisfaction level of the customers.

Tracks driver performance

With  Logistics planning software, you can easily set and measure delivery departure and return times. GPS-enabled vehicles would allow you to keep a check on the activities of the delivery executives in real-time, as well as whether they are sticking to their designated routes or not. Maintaining such an approach prevents unauthorized stops and delivery delays. As Courier Express and Parcel companies get better control of their operation, it shall invariably become simpler to reach the desired outcomes.

Mojro: Delivering logistics support to courier express companies

Technologies and techniques crafted by Mojro can assist in making courier delivery operations strategic, efficient and trackable.  Mojro's platform allows you to leverage a flexible framework and include new priority incoming with ease Mojro’s Geo Resolver can especially help  CEP companies to reduce the need for multi-delivery attempts and increases the First Attempt Delivery Rate [FADR]. This Natural language processing or NLP-based solution performs geo-location lookups based on phrases. This allows it to facilitate smart clubbing of orders and improve the quality of delivery addresses. Geo Resolver can aid your CEP company to meet express delivery requirements more competently and subsequently enhance customer satisfaction levels.

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