How Mojro is Innovating on the Concept of Strategic Logistics Planning


How Mojro is Innovating on the Concept of Strategic Logistics Planning


Global eCommerce sales are predicted to amount to roughly 8.1 trillion USD by 2026. This tremendous growth in the online sales marketplace has led to significant changes in the supply chain and logistics industry. The market for logistics and supply chain management solutions is predicted to reach USD 52,632 million by 2030.


The strategic logistics planning process defines how a company intends to provide goods or services to its clients. Companies, whether big or small, need logistics planning and strategy development to make their operations efficient. The most essential step to optimizing the strategic logistics planning in a logistics company is to choose a good logistics planning and optimization solution like Mojro.


Mojro and essential elements in the concept of strategic logistics planning


The concept of strategic logistics planning is an essential element that can determine the future of a business. This makes it crucial to choose an efficient platform that offers comprehensive strategic logistics planning. Mojro is one such solution that is continuously making innovations to transform logistics operations to help businesses stay relevant in today's highly competitive marketplace.


Some of the significant aspects of strategic logistics planning addressed by Mojro include the following:


Dynamic planning


The daily dynamic feature offered by Mojro allows companies to optimize their daily delivery routes and loads depending on customer demands. This allows businesses to accommodate ad-hoc requests.


When businesses receive such an order, Mojro's real-time planning will help decide whether to reroute a vehicle currently on-ground or use a new one. This will improve efficiency and reduce the cost of overhead operations. This dynamic modeling also considers numerous constraints like vehicle proximity, timeline optimization, and resource availability.


6D optimization


Mojro offers its users 6D optimization that optimizes all elements influencing the transportation of goods, like volume, weight, distance, and the time required to take the product to the client. This multidimensional optimization considers all the constraints that can affect the logistics processes. Hence, businesses can not only make deliveries without delays but efficiently as well.


What if modeling


Mojro’s what-if modeling helps business managers make smart choices by considering numerous potential future scenarios depending on the different business variables. This optimization engine considers more than 120 constraints when making optimization modeling giving highly comprehensive and exhaustive results.


Mojro and 360° SaaS Logistics Planning & Strategy


Visibility is one of the essential factors influencing logistics planning. Mojro, a SaaS-based model, offers a complete logistics solution through Mojro’s Planning and delivery management software. This provides transparency into the supply chain operations and improves customer satisfaction.


Transparent and prompt updates make it simpler to develop accountability and efficiency. Continuous monitoring can also reduce errors and ensure that the vehicles follow the correct route.




Mojro is a cutting-edge and sustainable strategic logistics planning and optimization software that can assist businesses in eliminating bottlenecks in their logistics operations. Mojro can address your company's challenges and improve your logistical processes to help you stay on top of the game.


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