How to Manage Last Mile Deliveries in India During Festive Season



India, with its rich culture, is known for its many festivals that are celebrated by various communities across the country. Festive seasons prove to be an opportunity to buy new items for the house, clothing, gifts, and much more. With the rapid expansion of e-commerce within the country, shopping around the festive season has become easier for the general public. But how does this affect logistics? 

Given the rush of online sales during the festive period, companies are struggling to deliver orders on time, causing chaos in last mile deliveries. Add to this the troubles associated with returns and cancellations, companies are overburdened this time of the year. Customers themselves are avoiding last-minute online shopping plans considering the risk of not having items delivered on time. 

E-commerce and logistics companies have to develop and devise strategies that will enable them to overcome the challenges associated with last mile delivery during the festive season. Read on to know the strategies they can implement for the same.

Overcoming last mile delivery challenges during the festive season

Managing increased volumes - temporary workforce and route optimization

Businesses need to allocate resources effectively to match the surge in order volumes that come up around the festive season. For this, adequate personnel and vehicles are required to fulfill the last-mile delivery requirements without causing delays. One way to address this is temporary workforce recruitment. Hiring more delivery personnel around the festive season will ensure that all processes are carried out smoothly, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Delivery timelines are also better managed with effective route optimization. Making use of route optimization software helps businesses find the fastest and most convenient routes for delivery, which allows customers to receive their orders on time. For businesses, route optimization allows them to cut down on travel times and fuel costs as well. Proper route optimization also contributes to environmental sustainability, which is a huge plus for businesses today. 

Mojro, a company that effectively handles end-to-end logistics operations, helps businesses meet their demands with advanced features. Mojro's ExecuteWyse feature comes with game-changing solutions like making data-driven decisions, managing real-time changes easily, seamless driver-manager collaboration, and more. These help in fulfilling last-mile delivery needs much more effectively. Likewise, adaptive dynamic planning and continuous planning solutions help businesses continuously adjust strategies in response to the given situations and feedback.

Collaborations - Third-party logistics

Lastly, businesses can collaborate with third-party logistics companies to take on the extra load that comes with order surges during the festive season. Third-party partners can not only offer more resources but also provide expertise on how last mile deliveries can be managed effectively this time of year. The extended delivery capacity will be of great help in ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

In Conclusion

All in all, managing last mile deliveries during the festive season will require businesses to analyze order volumes, focus on route optimization, hire temporary delivery partners, prioritize customer support, and reach out to third-party logistics companies when the need arises. Last mile delivery challenges can be successfully navigated with a combination of these strategies - and with a customer-centric approach. 

Mojro can help businesses save time, and money, and balance out the extra load this festive season. With our range of features like PlanWyse, GeoWyse, ExecuteWyse, PackWyse, and PlanWyse, last mile deliveries can be handled in the most optimized fashion. Businesses can use Mojro's advanced dynamic planning solution to automate daily planning decisions and optimize the loads and routes based on the daily demand. This festive season, be it a requirement for more vehicles or better management of trips, Mojro has you covered!


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