Quick Hacks to Help you Improve Customer Expectations


For any retail or e-commerce business, the management of customer expectations can be a challenging issue. Most of the customers today are quite knowledgeable and critical. The expectations of different clients and customers from your business can vary enormously. These expectations can also change with the passage of time. To meet the expectations of the customers, it is important for businesses to recognize the customers’ needs. If a business is able to employ effective strategies for transportation management, it will be able to fulfill consumer expectations.

Strategies for delivering on the customers’ expectations

79% of customers say that customer service is extremely important when they decide where to shop. Considering this statistic, delivering on customer expectations has never been more important.

Here are a few strategies that can help you deliver on customer expectations.

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility into your supply chain allows you to empower your employees to act dynamically when disruptions occur. Improved visibility also helps you proactively communicate the order statuses of your deliveries to end customers. Incorporating real-time supply chain visibility can help you create a best-in-class customer experience from order placement to delivery.

Intelligent ETA

Keeping everyone informed about the exact status of deliveries is important to deliver on customer expectations. Regardless of whether there is a delay or not, when your customers know the status of their deliveries, it reduces misunderstandings and complaints that may arise while waiting. Mojro offers a Smart ETA engine that frequently calculates delivery times for all ongoing trips, keeping everyone informed about the status of the deliveries.

Same day delivery

Modern consumers expect quick deliveries, with some even expecting their orders to be delivered the same day. There is a rising demand for same-day deliveries, with a majority of customers believing it to be a significant value-added benefit when making a purchase. Same-day delivery can be very valuable to customers who are unable to wait. You can deliver high customer satisfaction if you are able to deliver items or pickup returns on the same day. Having a same-day delivery service also means that companies need to store less inventory. Stock enters and exits the warehouses quickly, reducing inventory costs for companies.

Accurate delivery

Handing over wrong orders to customers increases customer dissatisfaction. That is why order accuracy is important. Order accuracy refers to the percentage of orders that are delivered to their final destinations without errors. It matters because it shows that you are able to give your customers what they want. Delivering the wrong order costs you your time money and creates negative customer perceptions, so accurate delivery should be a prime focus of your order management process.

Improved first attempt delivery rate

An improved first attempt delivery rate creates a win-win situation for the customer, service provider, and the delivery executive. A major part of this change depends on streamlining one of the most complex parts of supply chain operation- last-mile delivery.

If your company is still tracking logistics with Excel sheets, you may be wasting valuable man-hours and money on deliveries. A superior last-mile experience creates higher engagement and retention, delivering on the already-high customer expectations.

Notifications and alerts

Proactive and timely notifications and alerts are great tools to drive customer engagement and build trust. You may be saving your customers time, effort, and in some cases, money. Telling them when they can expect a delivery helps them better plan their day. Notifying them that a payment is due could help them avoid interest and late fees.

Priority handling for premium customers

A premium customer typically has a high spending budget. They are usually attracted by a specific feature of your product or service that may not be available with other businesses. Premium customers offer long-term passive income, as they are most likely to keep on purchasing till they continue to need the product or service. They could also have a significant impact on the marketing of your product as well as their word of mouth is valuable. Providing priority handling for premium customers can help you exceed customer expectations.


By employing these strategies, businesses will be able to meet the expectations of the customers more efficiently. These strategies can help you in transporting the orders more effectively, thereby ensuring that they reach the end customers on time. There is also the added benefit of reduced transportation and shipping costs. By ensuring a more accurate delivery, businesses will be able to build on the trust that the customer places in them. To help you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations, get in touch with Mojro today.

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