The Importance of Visibility in Logistics and Supply Chain



In logistics and supply chain management, visibility allows businesses to get detailed information about the various processes. Cross leg visibility is important for both the procurement cycle and the distribution cycle. In the procurement cycle, visibility allows tracking of goods from the suppliers until they reach the manufacturing facility. In the distribution cycle, it allows us to track the goods from the manufacturing facility until they reach the end customers. By providing a transparent view of the inventory, logistics visibility allows shipping personnel to improve cost controls and customer service by avoiding disruptions and mitigating risks. This helps to make the supply chain stronger and more agile.

When logistics become more visible, you gain knowledge about factors crucial for the supply chain to function well. By combining this knowledge with user data, you can get a supply chain that is optimized to function efficiently. Working with a leader in logistics planning like Mojro can enable you to attain good logistics visibility through their supply chain optimization software.

Features of high visibility in logistics

When there is high visibility in logistics, planners can identify the status of all elements and track if anything is missing. Visibility allows manufacturers to determine whether every input required in manufacturing is available either as an item for pre-planned delivery or in stock. Usually, there is an integration between the logistics operators’ and suppliers’ systems to enable verification of the status and location of any order.

Improved visibility in supply chain management in logistics can allow suppliers to immediately learn when anything is wrong. This ability can provide them sufficient time to make alternate arrangements or resolve the issue.  Thanks to advanced logistics mapping software and other tracking systems, supply chain information can be easily tracked in real-time.

Advantages of improved visibility in logistics

Visibility in logistics provides several tangible benefits, including an increase in profits and improvement in the overall workflow. It also enables business owners to manage expenses better and lower risks. Let us explore some other advantages of enhanced visibility in logistics.

Better collaboration

Meet customer demands

Along with collaboration, visibility enables managers to be more adaptable. Customer needs often evolve due to various reasons, and supply chains ought to be able to transform to meet these needs. Gaining full visibility into supply chain activities with assistance from a consultant can help managers to identify what steps can be taken to align customer needs with the supply chain.

Efficient operations

Supply chain visibility offers real-time data and powerful dashboard tools that can create snapshots of the various nodes in the business. Such information can help businesses identify problem areas, helping them create workflow shifts to remove bottlenecks.

Companies can leverage business intelligence to check if orders are being rushed or if they are receiving too much in a short time because of the check time of orders. It could also help identify slow vendors or shifts where more people are needed to ensure they run smoothly. Identifying such changes in the workforce can save high costs.

Reduced disruptions

It is possible to determine in advance where disruptions might occur in logistics when they are more visible. This knowledge can enable businesses to avoid such issues or mitigate risks posed by these disruptions. Running a supply chain with a strong foundation in data analysis can reduce the possibility of encountering obstacles and enable you to attain positive results.

Results-driven by data

Better visibility in logistics enables you to gain access to an enormous amount of logistical data. Such data combined with the opinion from an expert allows suppliers to make quick decisions supported by data which leads to eventual success in logistics management.

Better speed

When your decisions are supported by analytical evidence, you will likely be in a better position to plan your next steps with more precision in advance. You can respond quickly to fluctuating situations as data will enable you to determine what flaws you need to address. Overall, visibility can help to improve the speed with which logistics management is carried out, which in turn can yield effective outcomes sooner.

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