Top 5 Logistics Software Companies with Global Presence



Logistics companies serve as the backbone of the modern marketplace. Today, goods and services are seamlessly transported across the globe thanks to these companies and their efficient systems. Consumers are able to purchase products and receive them quickly with just a few clicks because of the reliability and ease of access offered by these logistics businesses.

India has adapted to the e-commerce landscape wonderfully and is now the third-largest online shopper base in the world, behind only China and the USA. As such, several logistics software companies have entered the market and are bringing forth cutting-edge technologies for real-time tracking, inventory management, and more. We list out the best logistics software companies in the market today that have a global presence. Read on!

1. Mojro

Mojro is a popular platform that helps companies with their end-to-end logistics operations. Utilizing both AI and ML, Mojro provides a range of solutions in the logistics landscape, which includes last-mile, secondary distribution, real-time visibility, field service, continuous planning optimization, and more. Mojro is active across many industries, such as CPG, Dairy, e-commerce, and CEP. The company offers a customized SaaS platform to manage logistics and transportation services, enabling users to effectively track shipments and manage operations. 

Mojro has a presence in over 7 countries. Their seven levers of cost savings help businesses across industries like FMCG, CEP, etc., save up and perform to the best of their abilities. One of their key achievements is that they have been able to create 125+ pre-built business constraints. Mojro is a dedicated platform that optimizes your logistics planning processes for better efficiency, productivity, and profitability

2. FarEye

FarEye is a logistics software company with headquarters in both Noida, UP, and Chicago, Illinois. FarEye utilizes a distinctive blend of coordination, live tracking, and customized customer interactions which enables it to simplify last-mile delivery logistics. Companies tie up with FarEye to cut costs, improve their operations, and deliver great customer satisfaction. FarEye helps businesses with functions like online Proof of Delivery (POD), autonomous dispatching, route creation, cross-dock management, driver schedules, and more.

2. Locus

Locus presents advanced optimization algorithms and intuitive workflow automation, helping businesses transform their last-mile operations. Utilizing exclusive algorithms, Locus provides intelligent logistic solutions that include route enhancement, live tracking, data insights, analytics, vehicle allocation, warehouse management, and supply chain streamlining. Additionally, it aids in refining the complete supply chain network through strategic consultancy, ensuring optimal resource utilization and operational efficiency. 

3. LogiNext

With its headquarters in India, LogiNext is a modern logistics software company that provides cloud-based transportation management solutions to help businesses successfully complete their deliveries. With an active presence across industries like retail, e-commerce, transportation, b2b distribution, Food and Beverage, and Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP), LogiNext offers customizable solutions to digitize, optimize and automate deliveries across the supply chain.

4. ClickPost

ClickPost serves as advanced logistics software that excels in refining the efficiency of last-mile deliveries. Functioning as a multi-carrier integration hub, ClickPost collaborates with an extensive network of shipping associates spanning 200+ countries. ClickPost's ML-operated carrier recommendation engine is one of its stand-out features, while also being a leader in shipment tracking effectiveness. It is an ideal platform for businesses looking to enhance customers' post-purchase experience. 

With the multiple features offered by these platforms, we can expect India's delivery operations to gain several new advancements. E-commerce in India has a bright future ahead with these logistics software companies in our corner. 


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