Why Choose Mojro's Last-mile Optimization?



Is last-mile delivery a challenge for your supply chain business? You are not alone. The last mile is perhaps the least efficient for most businesses, but you can change that. Mojro can help you make the last leg of your delivery effective and efficient.

Why is last-mile delivery challenging?


The last mile is the most challenging in any supply chain because each product needs to be managed individually. That's why it is time-consuming, and not to mention, expensive. Did you know last-mile delivery makes up for 53% of your total shipping costs? With rising customer demand for "free shipping," it is getting even more expensive with retailers and logistics partners having to bear the cost. Last-mile delivery also requires a large fleet of vehicles and many people, especially if you are offering same-day delivery. Add to it multiple stops, more time on the road, failed deliveries, and sometimes unnecessary miles traveled. All this adds to the overall costs.


In the last few years, customer behavior and expectations have changed drastically. Customers now want quality products at affordable rates and many delivery options. Naturally, "free" is usually the most popular option. If a customer has a bad shipping experience, they take no time to quickly move to a competitor. Customers also want to know where their order is in real-time and when it will reach their doorsteps. They also expect their orders to be delivered accurately and in perfect condition. Businesses must deliver the highest level of service to maintain customer trust. That is why last-mile delivery optimization is necessary to retain customers effectively.

How can Mojro help overcome last-mile delivery challenges?


Some of the most critical challenges during last-mile delivery include:

Lack of visibility


As we said, customers want to know the exact location of their order at all times. So, what do most businesses do? They offer tracking codes. But is that enough? Not really, since customers want to witness every step of the last mile process.


Mojro's ExecuteWyse offers real-time visibility by allowing you to monitor ground-level activities as they are happening. With Mojro, your customers can track their packages all the way to their doorstep.

Late deliveries


The inability to adhere to timelines could have serious ramifications for your business. It not only creates a bad customer experience but may also increase customer churn, hurting your bottom line. Plus, delayed deliveries can also harm your brand's reputation.

Mojro offers optimum route planning, which translates to timely deliveries and less stress for drivers. GeoWyse, our address resolution analytics engine also plays a big role in accurate and timely deliveries.


Low efficiency


The efficiency of your last-mile delivery is crucial to customer satisfaction. You also need a high level of efficiency if you want to enhance your fulfillment capacities. Inefficient processes increase late deliveries, which in turn, increases the number of dissatisfied customers.


Mojro's AI-powered platform PlanWyse streamlines the entire process, right from the warehouse to your customer's doorsteps. You may even reroute your workforce in case there is a last-minute change in plan.

Inefficient route planning


Route planning is challenging because you need to consider multiple variables. Even the most experienced planner would not be able to factor in all the variables on a single spreadsheet. The outcome? An ineffective route plan that causes unnecessary miles traveled, delayed deliveries, and unhappy customers.


Mojro's platform uses AI and ML to give you efficient route planning, lowering the costs incurred through late deliveries and reducing the estimated time of arrival.

Unpredictable elements


There are many unpredictable elements that could disrupt last-mile delivery. From bad weather to traffic jams, there are many things that are beyond your control. So, how do you ensure timely deliveries? You need to create contingency plans for such situations, and that requires effective communication among your team members and customers.


Mojro's smart planning and real-time visibility features help you keep track of how deliveries are progressing. You can also keep your customers updated on the status of their deliveries.


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