The Last-Mile Challenges: How E-commerce Giants in India are Tackling the Final Hurdle



The rapid growth of eCommerce has revolutionized the retail landscape, offering convenience and accessibility to consumers across the globe. The market size of India's e-commerce sector, which is expanding exponentially, is expected to reach USD 350 billion by 2030, according to Statista. As the online shopping market expands e-commerce giants will face a unique set of challenges in their business and logistics operations, especially in their last mile delivery processes.

Understanding last mile delivery

last mile delivery management is an important stage in logistics and supply chain operations. In this step, products are transported from a distribution center to the end consumer's doorstep. last mile delivery software also plays an important part in increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. However, the complexity of urban environments, varying delivery windows, unpredictable traffic conditions, and the need for efficient load planning has made last mile delivery optimization for eCommerce giants in India a daunting task.

Last mile challenges faced by eCommerce players 

In a large and diverse country like India, eCommerce businesses are often faced with a number of last mile delivery challenges. Some of them include the following:

Diverse landscape

India has a vast and diverse urban landscape with geographical and infrastructural variations. This makes it difficult to have successful last mile delivery solutions with the same strategy everywhere.

Traffic and visibility issues

Inconsistent road conditions and traffic congestion can cause delivery delays reducing customer satisfaction. It can also increase the idling time of delivery vehicles increasing fuel charges. Visibility issues can also cause delayed or missed deliveries.

Incorrect addresses

Incorrect or incomplete addresses are a common issue faced by last mile delivery logistics managers. Sometimes drivers may also find it difficult to locate an address accurately in densely populated neighborhoods. 


Customers in India now look for sustainable and environmentally conscious companies in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. This makes it important for eCommerce businesses to look for last mile solutions that can reduce their environmental impact.

How Mojro solves the last mile challenges

Mojro is an automated, future-ready logistics optimization solution that enables the eCommerce business giants in India to tackle their last mile delivery challenges. Mojro's Planwyse is one of the best last mile route optimization software allowing business managers to identify feasible routes depending on traffic and geographical conditions. Planwyse offers 6D optimization to optimize volume, cost, time, weight, distance, and activity effectively to ensure the most efficient route is taken by the delivery drivers reducing operational costs and improving client satisfaction. Mojro's Executewyse offers excellent visibility into last mile processes empowering managers to take delivery decisions based on on-ground conditions.

Geowyse from Mojro has an AI-powered address resolver that enables businesses to correct inaccurate addresses and make successful deliveries. Mojro's New Age solution allows the planning and optimizing of the distribution requirements and automates the deliveries to Dark Stores, Lockers, etc based on business requirements. Mojro's solutions also increase vehicle utilization and decrease greenhouse gas emissions, thereby helping companies fulfill their sustainability goals.


As eCommerce continues to flourish in India, overcoming last mile delivery challenges has become a strategic imperative for businesses. E-commerce giants can use innovative solutions like Mojro to navigate the complex urban landscape, optimize routes, and enhance customer experiences.


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