6 Ways to Make Your Field Service Planning Smarter



In a hyper-competitive world, companies that offer a rich customer experience are the ones that stand out. In the context of field service management, this translates to creating fool-proof processes to optimize service, serve more customers and ensure SLAs are met every time. Field service planning refers to planning the service dispatch route for your on-ground services. It helps in increasing revenue as your field service representatives can complete more tasks in a day, thanks to efficient route planning. The challenges in getting the field service management right range from last-minute rescheduling/cancellations, resource and capacity fluctuations, geocoding, and lack of data to make the right decision.

Here are some ways you can optimize your field service planning and achieve your logistics goals.

Six ways to optimize field service management

Optimal route planning to generate an efficient number of visits by each service provider

Route planning is one of the most challenging tasks for field service managers. 

Route optimization is all about finding the most cost-effective and the shortest route between the point of pick up to the destination. There is, however, more to route optimization than finding the shortest path. Route planners have to consider various constraints such as:

  • distance,
  • delivery time,
  • vehicle and driver availability,
  • the weight of the consignment,
  • rest times, and the
  • customer location

AI-enabled field services software such as Mojro simplify the task for field service planning personnel with automated scheduling, route planning, and dynamic assignment of vehicles and riders.

With historical data across all levels, including geocoding, traffic data, riders, time, and vehicle availability, Mojro helps you plan the routes in an efficient way. This ensures each service provider makes an optimal number of trips to achieve maximum productivity.

Automatically plan resource allocation to better manage your order variability

In logistics, variability exists across all tiers, right from production, demand, supply, and deliveries. 

Even with fluctuating orders, logistics service providers and field service managers must quickly evaluate how many delivery personnel and vehicles are required to fulfill each order. Resource-specific information is vital at this stage of capacity planning to optimize resource allocation. When variations are not properly managed, they can translate to decreased revenue, increased risk, higher costs, and reduced profit margins. Mojro's logistics delivery management software helps companies:

  • Gain full visibility across the supply chain
  • Optimize fleet and route
  • Auto-assign vehicles to trips based on Affinity models.
  • Maintain all vehicles from a single place
  • Access all transporter information, including the cost of renting from each transporter for different vehicles
  • Monitor vehicle category and utilization.

Manage your Adhoc cancellations and rescheduling requests in real-time

Last-minute rescheduling requests and cancellations impact field service planning in a significant way leading to loss of time, resources, and money. Mojro's field services software is designed to handle Adhoc cancellation and reschedule requests with effective resource utilization that minimizes idle time and generates revenue. The platform's dynamic scheduling feature helps you handle last-minute cancellations and accommodate any changes to the route with the Automatic Trip Assignment feature with zero disruption to your service timelines.

Reduce errors in your planning through automation

Manual processes involved in running field service teams are highly inefficient and error-prone. Right from manual planning of routes, allocating tasks, assigning vehicles to report generation, manual processes can cost businesses revenue in terms of low productivity, inaccuracies, and lost time. The right field service management software such as Mojro can allow planners to handle customer orders, multiple vehicles, delivery routes, and drivers comfortably. With intelligent route planning and automated vehicle and trip assignment, Mojro ensures efficient job completion.

Accurately pinpoint customer addresses for better route planning

Efficient route planning is only possible when the destination address is accurate. As a smart delivery planner, Mojro comes enriched with 'Geocoder' that transforms street address or location description into precise coordinates. The intelligent supervised language model has the ability to resolve raw addresses and enhance delivery accuracy with address validation. This not only improves the data quality and delivery efficiency but eliminates the risk of failed deliveries.

Exceed customer expectations

To remain competitive, businesses need to meet the ever-increasing consumer demands of quick service and fast delivery. Companies that streamline their services will gain consumer trust, build brand awareness and loyalty. Even a small error in logistics planning and execution has a domino effect, leading to poor customer experience.

With dynamic scheduling, smart route planning, ETA alerts, full-data visibility, and automated trip and vehicle assignment, Mojro helps you serve more clients, adhere to your SLA agreements, and delight your customers.



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