Best Logistics Software Companies in India


Logistics is costly, especially with the ever-rising fuel prices and freight costs. According to a World Bank report, India has some of the world's highest logistics expenses, representing close to 14% of the nation's GDP. This high logistics cost can be attributed to improper logistics planning and optimization. Businesses can always use technological solutions to streamline operations, optimize processes, and enhance overall efficiency. With its logistics market expected to reach $563 billion by 2030, India has witnessed the emergence of some of the best logistics software companies that are driving innovation and transforming the industry.

Best logistics software companies in India

Efficient last-mile delivery and logistics are essential for customer satisfaction and business growth. However, last-mile logistics brings its own set of challenges. Solid logistics software is necessary to address these issues. Some of the best logistics software companies in India, recognized as top logistics companies in India, include the following: 


Mojro, an automated and future-ready logistics optimization platform, is one of India's best logistics software companies. It specializes in transforming supply chain and transportation operations through innovative AI/ML-driven technology solutions. Mojro offers comprehensive services such as route optimization, real-time tracking, geo-coding, accurate address resolutions, loading automation optimizations, and field-force route planning through its cutting-edge products. Mojro's new-age models offer value-creating solutions like ad-hoc planning and cross-dock-based deliveries that help businesses reduce logistics costs and enhance order fulfillment in today's fast-paced world.

Mojro offers its clients numerous benefits in logistics and field workforce, including 6D optimization, 3D visualization, operational speed, scalability, cost-effective solutions, and a library of 125+ pre-built constraints to perform the most efficient planning.


Locus, another of India's best logistics software companies, focuses on AI-powered logistics optimization, providing solutions for route planning, load allocation, and order scheduling. This solution adapts to changing variables like traffic and weather to create efficient and dynamic delivery plans, enhancing efficiency and driving cost savings. Locus empowers businesses to adapt to dynamic variables like traffic and weather, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries.


Shipsy, a notable logistics software company in India, provides end-to-end solutions for streamlined supply chain management. Their software offers shipment tracking, order management, and collaborative tools, improving visibility and operational efficiency. Shipsy's platform enables seamless stakeholder communication, enhancing coordination with logistics partners and delivering superior customer experiences.


A cloud-based TMS headquartered in India, Loginext offers businesses an innovative solution for planning, dispatching, optimizing, automating, and tracking deliveries. Its technology enhances logistics operations by optimizing routes and providing valuable insights for thoughtful decision-making. It provides customized logistics services for various industries like eCommerce, retail, CEP, etc. LogiNect is easy to use and has a simple onboarding process.


FarEye, a US-based logistics software company, aids businesses in streamlining challenging last-mile deliveries. It has numerous features like advanced orchestration capability, real-time visibility, flexibility, quick IT support, and route optimization to make last-mile logistics a breeze for businesses. FarEye also assists organizations with cross-dock management, route planning, autonomous dispatching, driver schedules, and online POD.


The logistics software landscape in India has witnessed rapid growth and transformation in recent years. Even though the market is flooded with numerous solutions, choosing one of the best logistics software companies is crucial, as your business success can depend on your delivery logistics. Unsure of which software to choose? Schedule a demo with Mojro today to learn all about its benefits and how our logistics agency can transform your business.


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