How Last Mile Delivery Optimization Can Boost Customer Satisfaction



A study has indicated that 49% of clients prefer to use 1-2 day delivery services at least once a month. This indicated the importance customers place on the last-mile delivery service of a business before choosing to buy from them.


What is last-mile delivery?

Last-mile delivery meaning the last leg of a product's journey from the plant to the end consumers plays a vital role in customer satisfaction. "Last mile delivery" refers to delivering goods from the distribution center that is the closest to the final location, like a business or home.


Last-mile delivery optimization and customer satisfaction

The last-mile delivery strategies of businesses will determine whether customers are satisfied. Last-mile delivery optimization can help improve customer satisfaction in different ways.


Improved visibility

Customers are getting more picky and want greater control over their deliveries. A study has shown that 69% of customers may refrain from shopping from a business owing to delayed deliveries. Having improved visibility into the supply chain can improve their satisfaction. A great last-mile delivery software can help achieve this.

Mojro's Executewyse offers clients and stakeholders greater visibility into the supply chain and gives them a real-time control tower view of the ETAs. Keeping the clients loyal to you.


Improved route planning


Efficient route planning and optimization are necessary for making deliveries on time. Many last-mile delivery challenges occur due to delivery vehicles getting stuck in traffic jams or drivers taking the wrong routes.


Mojro's Planwyse helps business managers optimize delivery routes using its AI-powered technology. Managers can automate route planning based on daily demands. Planwyse also offers a 6D optimization feature. This will eliminate logistics inefficiencies and increase customer satisfaction. Managers can keep track of driver behavior using Mojro's Executewyse and develop strategies for improving drive efficiency.


Address resolutions


Wrong or incomplete addresses on parcels can also cause last-mile delivery issues. A study has indicated that 74% of businesses believe wrong address details as the reason for about a quarter of their failed deliveries. This makes address resolution an essential part of last-mile delivery optimization.


Mojro's Geowyse can help businesses accurately resolve addresses using an AI-driven phrase analytics engine. Geowye offers a precision analyzer with geocoding ability that allows business managers to refine addresses.




Optimizing last-mile delivery solutions can help businesses revolutionize their customer experience. Businesses can offer customers more control over package delivery timings and real-time updates. Mojro, a futuristic logistics optimization platform, can help business managers optimize their logistics processes from the first to the last mile.


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