Best Logistics Software Companies in Singapore


Singapore is a global trade and logistics hub known for its strategic location and well-developed infrastructure. For the past few years, it has become a fertile ground for innovation in the logistics industry. The freight and logistics market of this Southeast Asian country is projected to grow at the rate of 8% from 2022 to 2028, according to Mordor Intelligence. This presents an opportunity for organizations to further their business goals and gain a competitive edge. To meet the logistics management demands of businesses, several of the best logistics companies have established their presence in the country, offering innovative solutions to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth.


Mojro, one of the best logistics companies based in India, offers logistics optimization to businesses across different industries. The company leverages AI/ML-driven technology solutions to revolutionize supply chain and transportation processes. Mojro uses cutting-edge technology to create solutions that cater to the changing logistic demands of the post-pandemic era in Southeast Asian countries. It provides businesses with a range of comprehensive services. Mojro's solution, Planwyse, an AI-powered platform, can efficiently optimize routes for managers, considering daily loads and on-ground constraints. With Planwyse, businesses can quickly adapt to demand shifts, including ad-hoc orders.

Executewyse, another solution from Mojro, offers real-time updates on vehicles, enabling managers to make quick decisions in case of unexpected events like traffic congestion. Moreover, businesses can impress clients by providing accurate ETAs through ExecuteWyse, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Mojro's Geowyse enables businesses to transform raw addresses into a standardized format, ensuring timely delivery and improved service level agreements.

Mojro, one of the best logistics companies, can help businesses achieve their sustainability goals by improving vehicle utilization and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With a presence in over 7 countries, including as a leading logistics company in Singapore, Mojro offers companies tailored solutions to fit their business and industry needs. Additionally, their logistics tracking software in Singapore ensures efficient and effective management of logistics operations.


One of the best logistics companies in Singapore, cloud-based OptimoRoute offers businesses TMS and route optimization solutions. The solution has a user-friendly interface offering optimization and monitoring capabilities and analytics. It enables logistics organizations to increase efficiency, lower fuel costs, optimize delivery routes, and boost customer happiness.


Detrack, another cloud-based and one of the best logistics companies in Singapore, helps businesses streamline their delivery processes, reduce paperwork, and increase productivity. The company offers numerous features like electronic POD, detailed analytics and reports, real-time monitoring, and effective route optimization. Detrick also has affordable pricing, which might not be appropriate for companies with complicated delivery requirements.


An all-in-one solution for parcel delivery companies, EasyParcel offers several innovative capabilities. Using the logistics management software, businesses can assess and select the most suitable delivery choices from various courier providers. EasyParcel can help organizations save time and money and increase delivery dependability. One of the best logistics companies in Singapore, it offers bulk shipping and online tracking and booking.


The best logistics companies in Singapore leverage advanced technology to address the unique challenges of the logistics management industry. By leveraging Mojro, the best logistics companies globally, businesses can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences, making them a vital player in Singapore's rapidly evolving logistics landscape. Still not convinced? Schedule a demo with us and know everything you can achieve with Mojro.


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