Last Mile Delivery - Problems, Challenges and Solutions


Last-mile delivery tracking is one of the most critical components of logistics and supply chain management. A study has shown that 84% of clients may not return after a negative delivery experience. This shows the importance of making your last-mile delivery experience top-notch and eliminates order fulfillment issues. To make your last-mile deliveries efficient, it is essential to understand the challenges and potential solutions for these problems.


What is last-mile delivery?

Last-mile delivery, meaning in the supply chain, can be defined as the end stage of supply chain management operations. It involves the movement of goods from warehouses or storage units to end clients.


What is last-mile logistics?

Last-mile delivery logistics and last-mile delivery solutions deal with transporting finished products to the end client with optimal utilization of resources at minimum cost and time.


Last-mile delivery challenges

Some challenges affecting last-mile deliveries and last-mile delivery tracking include the following:


Visibility issues

Lack of proper visibility is a critical last-mile delivery problem. A study has shown that 69% of businesses do not have complete supply chain visibility. This can cause last-mile delivery tracking issues like lost or delayed deliveries. It can also increase delivery costs and reduce client satisfaction.


A logistics optimization solution like Mojro can help businesses gain end-to-end supply chain visibility. Executewyse gives managers and stakeholders real-time updates on the position of on-ground vehicles and the ETA.


Increasing costs

Last-mile delivery tracking and fulfillment is a costly process. As the company expands, businesses may need to invest in extra last-mile delivery tracking infrastructure and technology. Additionally, unanticipated costs might be associated with delivery issues, like order cancellations.

Mojro's Executewyse can help managers track their vehicles and drivers and make delivery decisions based on real-time updates. They can also identify simpler and faster routes and reduce fuel costs using Planwyse.


Inefficient routes

Route optimization is an essential component of last-mile delivery service. Inefficient route planning can cause too much waiting in traffic, long-winded routes, and delayed deliveries. Proper route optimization will reduce operating costs, speed up deliveries, and increase client satisfaction.

Mojro's Planwyse allows businesses to plan delivery routes based on daily demands and similar advanced planning features. Mojro will enable managers to schedule their last-mile deliveries by analyzing 125+ prebuilt constraints.


Failed or delayed deliveries

Last-mile delivery issues can occur due to a number of reasons like traffic issues, address problems, driver issues, etc. Failed or delayed deliveries can reduce client satisfaction and increase costs. This can be prevented by using last-mile delivery software for optimization.

Mojro's Executewyse can give updates on on-ground vehicles and notify clients and stakeholders of the delivery ETA. This can enhance customer experience. Mojro's Geowyse offers address resolvers to help identify and rectify inaccurate addresses. This will reduce the number of delayed deliveries.



Last-mile delivery tracking and delivery fulfillment are essential for all businesses, irrespective of their operational scale. Efficient last-mile delivery tracking will enhance client loyalty and boost profits. Mojro can offer businesses an excellent logistics optimization solution to identify and resolve all last-mile delivery tracking and last-mile delivery problem. Mojro's AI-powered solutions allow managers to take advantage of the latest technological innovations in logistics optimization.


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