Changing Business Landscape & Need for Logistics Optimization



Pandemic, rising fuel cost, higher commodity prices are making enterprises relook at supply chain efficiency through a new lens. Gone are the days where logistics was considered as a cost center. Today, it is a means to have a strategic advantage. Self reliance is fueling model of local procurement, manufacturing and distribution. Organizations are opening up to the sharing economy. Sustainability considerations are questioning linearity in the supply chain. Increasingly supply chains are becoming circular in nature.

Traditional business boundaries are getting blurred. CEP companies are becoming 3PLs for ecommerce players. CPG companies are focusing on D2C deliveries. Retailers are introducing private label brands. FMCG companies are acquiring Dairy companies. Post pandemic, consumption of nutrition and healthy foods has skyrocketed. The Neutraceutical segment is bringing FMCG and Pharma companies together.

Traditional supply chain models are not effective in handling such disruptions. Agile, nimble supply chain is the key to success. Organizations need DEEP TECH enabled logistics planning solutions which can fuel rapid innovation and aid complex What-If scenario modeling.  At Mojro, we offer comprehensive logistics planning and optimization capabilities built on state-of-the-art technologies. Our algorithm delivers significantly higher levels of optimization as we carry out multi-dimensional-optimization over a typical route optimization.

In the last couple of years, we have verticalized our planning algorithms to cater specific industry needs. We have customers across CPG, Dairy, CEP, and Ecommerce industries. Some of our key industry focused logistics planning capabilities are, 

  1. CPG - Has a large number of SKUs across product categories and a complex distribution network. Multi leg planning streamlines cross leg transportation planning and helps in reducing inventory overheads. We offer an advanced recommendation engine(Fill rate optimization) to improve vehicle utilization. The engine takes a historical view of the demand and fulfilment ratio and suggests additional SKUs that can be carried in a vehicle to improve weight/volume utilization.
  2. Dairy - Typically deals with lower number of SKUs and has a highly complex procurement network. We offer advanced compartment planning capabilities to enable tanker planning. While carrying out compartment optimization, algorithms handle constraints wherein different types and qualities of milk should not get mixed. We enable Dairy companies in optimizing milk movement from chillers to plants by considering milk availability at chillers and processing capacity of plants for different types of milks.
  3. Courier, Express and Parcel (CEP) - This industry spends heavily on logistics and operates a complex network of hubs, depots and stations. Territory management capability enables companies to define operating zones for depots/stations and aids in making a decision on which facility is responsible for carrying out pickup/delivery activity based on customer location. We offer advanced Delta planning algorithms for first mile pickup optimization, algorithm smartly identifies additional pickup loads for in transit vehicles by taking execution view and SLAs for already committed pickups.
  4. ECommerce - At scale, striking a balance between delivery speed and logistics cost becomes critical. We enable Real-time geocoding during the planning process to resolve address locations with rooftop accuracy. This capability significantly reduces address discovery time. Algorithms also ensure adherence to time window constraint to honor slot commitment to customers.

Important thing to note here is that supply chain vary significantly across these verticals. Mojro's multi-tenant platform offers a comprehensive solution to model these variations with help of in-built constraint modeler.

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