Did you know how 3PL Providers are getting benefitted from using Mojro's out-of-the-box solution


More and more third-party logistics (3PL) providers are embracing the future by incorporating the use of logistics optimization software into their operations. One of the most prominent examples of such software, Mojro, offers multiple out-of-the-box solutions that can help 3PL providers do what they do best. In this post, we'll take you through all those solutions in detail along with their benefits for 3PL providers.


1. Last-mile delivery automation


Mojro's last-mile delivery automation solution utilizes communication tools and real-time data for overcoming difficulties typically experienced during the final leg. Through this solution, Mojro allows 3PL providers to enhance customer experience and run operations efficiently.


Some of the benefits offered by this solution are:


  • Minimization of inefficiencies through enhanced supervision over all operations.


  • Rapid fulfillment of orders, which translates to repeat customers who are never dissatisfied.


  • Reduction of driver stress due to better route mapping and planning.


  • Prevention and minimization of delays because of real-time visibility and smarter planning.


  • Regular improvements to performance, which is sure to add to a 3PL provider's competitive edge.


2. Secondary distribution


As goods are delivered to buyers from distribution centers, various factors can affect delivery performance. This is where Mojro's secondary distribution recommendations can come in and be of immense help.


The recommendations can benefit 3PL providers in the following ways:


  • Worker schedule and fuel cost optimization due to better utilization of vehicles.


  • Multi-leg planning automation can enhance order fulfillment lead times.


  • Dynamic scenario-based planning allows demand uncertainties to be met without much trouble.


  • Cost savings owing to reduction in stocking days.


  • Combining orders for boosting delivery efficiency.


  • Easy tracking of variabilities of demand-supply and fuel prices.


3. Real-time visibility


Mojro's real-time visibility solution allows delivery actions and driver actions to be monitored, which can play a key role in enhancing customer satisfaction. Through this solution, 3PL providers can leverage the benefits of data-driven, real-time insights that facilitate effective delivery monitoring and planning.


Benefits that 3PL providers can derive from this solution include:


  • Access to order updates in real-time for increasing customer satisfaction.


  • Consistent communication and data flow across all stakeholders.


  • Continuous improvements through performance benchmarking.


  • Enhanced adherence to policy among drivers along with improved performance.


  • Aversion of risky behaviors among drivers and reduced chances of goods being damaged and/or delivered late.


  • Better data security and record-keeping due to digitization.


  • Best possible use of resources and time.


4. Continuous planning optimization


When order planning is done effectively in logistics, it can create a lot of value. Through Mojro's continuous planning optimization solution, 3PL providers can optimize logistics for satisfying customers' expectations and handle continuous order inflows.


Some of the other benefits of this solution are:


  • Optimized operational efficiency and decision-making.


  • Management of Ad-Hoc orders without hampering SLAs


  • Enhanced utilization of resources and vehicles.


  • Minimization and/or elimination of unfulfilled or delayed deliveries.


5. Dairy tanker optimization


Mojro's dairy tanker optimization solution is aimed at better planning, sourcing, and routing of multi-compartment containers. Its result? The best-suited and most well-optimized routes for chiller and plant networks.


This solution has several positives to offer, such as:


  • Sound decision-making capabilities due to data-backed, real-time insights.


  • Easy addressing of business variability.


  • Up to 40% cost savings.


6. Field service planning


For 3PL providers, intelligent journey planning is imperative, and this is where Mojro's field service planning solution can be helpful. It allows on-ground service providers to be utilized to their optimal levels and also ensures efficiency on the visit frequency front through route planning optimization.


The benefits of Mojro's field service planning solution include:


  • Facilitates adherence to the planned journeys and reduces the risks of course deviations.


  • Allows performance to be monitored efficiently.


  • Provides improved operational control.


  • Results in enhanced customer satisfaction.


  • Ensures optimal utilization of agents.


So, there can be no doubt about Mojro's out-of-the-box solutions, and if you are a 3PL provider, it's time to consider adopting Mojro - you won't be disappointed.

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