How AI in Supply Chain and Logistics Changing the Delivery Landscape


How AI in Supply Chain and Logistics Changing the Delivery Landscape


AI has revolutionized almost all global industrial sectors, and logistics isn't any different. The logistics sector has transformed due to AI development. Some improvements this technology has given include automated vehicles, automated warehouses, demand planning, route optimization, and predictive analytics. AI in supply chain and logistics has automated numerous operations and simplified them, helping businesses save money and time.


A study conducted by Statista has indicated that, according to 40% of survey participants, AI has enhanced inventory management and established more intelligent production and distribution facilities.


According to a recent McKinsey report, supply-chain management has significantly improved due to the adoption of AI. The respondents claimed reductions of 15% in logistical costs in their operations.


Scope and importance of AI in Supply Chain and Logistics


Organizations are now turning to AI to solve supply chain challenges, especially with increasing client demands. A study by has shown that by 2027 the global market for AI-powered solutions will reach about $16.7 billion.


AI in supply chain and logistics helps businesses determine the potential effects of supply disturbances, changes in demand, and deviations from the planned routes. It automates administrative processes, such as document filing, and frees staff to concentrate on other business initiatives.


Businesses can predict consumer demand using AI-powered data analytics, enabling more effective warehouse management. AI in supply chain and logistics also helps businesses identify the best delivery routes depending on weather and traffic data, saving fuel, money, and time.


Capabilities of AI in Supply Chain and Logistics


Businesses can use AI successfully in different stages of supply chain and logistics management.


Route optimization


AI in supply chain and logistics can help logistics companies optimize routes by considering different constraints like weather, traffic, etc. This allows the drivers to reach the end destination at the lowest possible and with considerable safety. Route optimization helps businesses improve driver efficiency by reducing idling times and preventing them from taking longer routes. This saves fuel and time and optimizes logistics expenses.


Warehouse automation


Big companies that require quick and intricate logistics solutions, like Amazon, are now leaning towards warehouse automation by leveraging advancements in AI. Though it is now used for automating repetitive and simple warehouse tasks, it is expected that AI in supply chain and logistics can be used for almost every task in the supply chain, from order receipt to fulfillment.


Predictive maintenance


AI in supply chain and logistics can be used by businesses to identify vehicle issues and create maintenance schedules to extend the fleet's lifespan and minimize downtime. This will prevent the breakdown of vehicles when they are out for delivery and limit the chance of unfulfilled orders, thereby improving client satisfaction.


Artificial Intelligence for Logistics


Automated logistics platforms like Mojro are changing the delivery landscape by using AI. Mojro's AI-powered Planwyse helps businesses do better first- and last-mile logistics planning by analyzing daily demands. The 6D optimization feature offered by Planwyse enables businesses to optimize cost, volume, weight, time, distance, and activity swiftly and effectively.


Mojro's Executewyse is an efficient solution that offers managers real-time visibility and predicts accurate delivery times by leveraging technology. This solution also automates delivery processes to reduce errors, optimize resource utilization, and make prompt decisions.




Supply chain and logistics businesses can optimize their operations with the help of future-ready platforms like Mojro that leverage AI to make logistics efficient. Mojro also enables businesses to plan and carry out their processes cost-effectively.

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