All About First Mile and Last Mile Logistics


All About First Mile and Last Mile Logistics


Have you ever wondered about the processes of transporting goods from the initial manufacturer to the end user? Transporting products is one of the most essential tasks in almost every business. First- and last-mile deliveries represent the start and finish of this fulfillment process. These two processes are interdependent to ensure the smooth and seamless operation of the supply chain. The market for first- and last-mile deliveries worldwide is anticipated to reach 409.7 billion USD by 2030.


What is first-mile and last-mile delivery?


First-mile deliveries in logistics indicate the phase of the delivery and fulfillment process where goods are moved from their point of origin or manufacture to the primary inventory hub. This process determines the flow of delivery operations, and even a little setback might cause the fulfillment operation to fail.


Last-mile deliveries involve delivering the goods directly from the fulfillment center to the customer. It represents the final stage of delivery operations. Any delay can significantly negatively impact the total costs by lowering customer satisfaction and raising the likelihood of returns.


A look at the difference between first-mile and last-mile logistics


The first-mile and last-mile logistics services differences can be summarized as follows:


  • Consumers receive complete visibility through last-mile logistics services, whereas visibility is limited in first-mile services.
  • The goods are typically shipped as pallet-sized batches for first-mile delivery. Orders are delivered to consumers from the fulfillment center in more manageable individual packages in the last mile, often utilizing last mile delivery software.
  • Companies frequently use non-branded wrapping to send products to warehouses during first-mile deliveries. The products are delivered to customers directly during last-mile delivery. As a result, branded packaging is used.
  • Due to the numerous processes necessary to give top-notch service and satisfy consumer expectations, last-mile deliveries are costly. However, more straightforward procedures make first-mile deliveries significantly less expensive.


Key challenges in first-mile and last-mile logistics and how Mojro can help businesses.


There are numerous challenges businesses can face in their first-mile and last mile logistics process. Some challenges in first mile processes include:


Delivery delays due to traffic issues


The delivery delay associated with traffic congestion is one of the challenges many businesses face in first-mile logistics. Businesses can use Mojro's Planwyse to determine the best route through optimization. The advanced planning features and optimization with business constraints also help businesses to make route changes as necessary.


Address issues


Incorrect details and addresses can also create issues for first-mile logistics. This can also create delays in deliveries. Mojro's Geowyse can convert raw addresses into standard formats enabling businesses to identify the correct address.


Some challenges in last-mile processes include the following:


Quicker deliveries


Consumers now demand quick and efficient deliveries within a very limited time window. So, businesses should optimize their routes and also account for ad-hoc requests. Planwyse by Mojro allows businesses to plan and optimize routes using new-age models and AI-powered tools to find the best delivery route.




Businesses can use Planwyse from Mojro for route planning which can reduce inefficiencies and prevent resource wastage, reducing overall costs.


Customer satisfaction


Mojro's Executewyse allows managers to track on-ground vehicles and send updates to clients constantly. Managers can also make better data-driven decisions to reroute delivery vehicles for faster deliveries and improve customer satisfaction.




Mojro is an efficient first-mile and last-mile logistics software that offers businesses an automated solution for optimizing their delivery processes. A delivery company looking to automate its first-mile and last-mile logistics can use this platform to improve its productivity and reduce costs.

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