How Does Mojro's Trip Planner Save Your Logistics Cost?



Shopping trends and customer behaviors have changed a lot over the years. In the good old days, people were happy enough to push their shopping carts languidly through the stores or even wait in a queue for a considerable amount of time. But now clients want efficient and quick delivery of goods. A survey by Invesp has shown that 80% of consumers wanted their products delivered the same day, and 61% wanted them within one to three hours. This makes efficient logistics operations not just a necessity but a competitive advantage. 

The ability to optimize routes and streamline last-mile deliveries can significantly impact a company's bottom line. This is where route planning trip planners come into play, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their logistics and ultimately leading to substantial cost savings.

Logistics costs

Logistics costs encompass expenses incurred in the transportation, storage, and distribution of goods throughout the supply chain. These costs include transportation charges, fuel, warehousing, inventory management, packaging, and labor. A study by Insider Intelligence shows that last mile delivery charges account for about 53% of the total logistics costs. Having an efficient trip planner solution can help businesses reduce this cost significantly.

Mojro's trip planner and logistics costs

Mojro offers businesses future-ready solutions that enable them to reduce their logistics costs. Mojro's Planwyse, a trip plannner, empowers businesses to make proactive, informed decisions to create throughout their supply chain all the while keeping the operational costs low. Businesses can perform route optimization in this trip planner based on their daily delivery demands. This prevents the loss of fuel and driver time by eliminating travel through unnecessary routes. 

Planwyse can help managers make decisions with the help of what-if scenarios. This makes logistics heads prepared for all kinds of unforeseen circumstances thereby reducing the costs incurred by delayed decision-making. The 6D Optimization of Planwyse allows businesses to perform proper resource allocation and optimize volume, cost, time, weight, distance, and activity effectively to accommodate the increased orders. The efficient utilization of resources will reduce the overall logistics costs.

Efficient route planning using Planwyse removes the idle time vehicles spend in traffic congestions, reducing fuel costs. This will also significantly reduce the maintenance cost of vehicles.

Running logistics operations using a trip planner like Mojro's Planwyse will ensure timely deliveries removing additional costs caused by delayed deliveries or missed deliveries. It will also reduce the chances of the customers asking to return the delayed products. Many companies also allow clients to cancel orders last minute. Using an efficient route planner will allow logistics managers to tackle this issue without economic loss.

Mojro's Planwyse offers numerous features like Space and Route Optimizer, Constraint Modeler, Load Builder, Loading Bay Manager to schedule trips intelligently, and a Manual Over-Ride to provide planner with the needed flexibility to easily make certain adjustments to the planning depending on dynamic conditions. This enables businesses to do swift planning ensuring better fleet utilization and maximum outlet coverage throughout the allotted period. Mojro also enables managers to consider all demand, supply, and network-related constraints and manually overridden if necessary. All these lead to considerable improvement in service like up to 20% reduction in good return and up to 20% improvement in FADR.

Mojro offers tailor-made services to the dairy industry by offering excellent planning capabilities for various stages of distribution including inbound and outbound transportation. Mojro's Ultra-Fast Optimization algorithms with daily dynamic planning and tanker planning reduce spoilage by up to 25% and save costs by 15% for outbound distribution and up to 20% for tanker movement.

Mojro's multi-dimensional optimization with multi-leg planner reduces the number of distribution centers needed and the manual planning efforts along with stocking days resulting in considerable savings. Multi-dimensional optimization reduces up to 20% cost and improves vehicle utilization by 95%.

Mojro also offers multi-leg planning that offers businesses end-to-end visibility across different legs of the logistics process. This combined with micro-fulfillment centers reduces operation costs considerably.


A route planning trip planner is a powerful tool that can significantly impact logistics costs for businesses. By optimizing routes with the help of a trip planner solution like Mojro's Planwyse Businesses can reduce fuel consumption, enhance driver productivity, and improve customer satisfaction.


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