How Mojro Helped Lineclear In Improving Its Last-Mile Optimization?




Courier Express and Parcel (CEP) companies need to work hard to please customers in the modern, digital age. Customers today expect their parcels to be delivered quickly and accurately, regardless of the distance involved. CEP companies have to maintain the best possible standard of service at all times to maintain customer satisfaction and trust. They would need top-notch logistics operations, including last-mile delivery optimization, to both attract and retain customers.  

In simplest terms, last-mile delivery can be referred to as the process of delivering a shipment from a transportation hub to the ultimate delivery destination. The use of last-mile delivery software helps optimize delivery operations and delivery operations to seamlessly meet the expectations of the customers. It is focused on enabling  CEP companies to build their brand and get more repeat customers. 

Multi-Dimensional Optimization facilitated by Mojro

Line Clear is among the many companies that benefited from Mojro's ultra-fast & super-efficient planning algorithms. These algorithms were deployed to plan large-scale deliveries in a few minutes. 

Line Clear is a leading, Malaysia-based courier, express, and parcel company that has a commendable domestic and overseas presence. In fact, Line Clear offers delivery services to more than 200 countries and is growing quite exponentially. To ensure optimal growth of their business, the company needed better logistics planning, as it significantly impacted customer service. 

In the contemporary, competitive landscape, where customers have a myriad of options available when it comes to courier delivery services, Line Clear strived to deliver the best possible services to the customers to gain an edge in the market. They needed logistics optimization software that complemented their existing technology stack and helped them automate vehicle planning for 30k deliveries/day at speed while driving optimal operations efficiency. This is where Mojro came in. 

Mojro's Solution

Using Mojro’s  Planwyse and Executewyse, Line Clear managed to achieve AI-driven automation in its logistics operations. This technology-enabled them to intelligently map orders to hubs, accurately resolve addresses, auto-sort packages to the selected bays and competently plan the vehicles for both inbound and outbound. The highly efficient and ultra-fast planning algorithms of Mojro were deployed in order to plan large-scale deliveries in a few minutes. 

Important planning features that were deployed included: 

  • Automated Sorting of orders into Outbound Bays
  • NLP-based Geocoder that intelligently resolved raw addresses
  • GeoFencing to automatically map and link the serviceable areas with the hubs 
  • Determine outbound hubs for the orders upon order receipt
  • Constraints backed Modelling, with Multi-Dimensional Optimizer (space, weight, km, time, and route) Optimizer to drive efficient planning automation with the use of an AI
  • Supply Modelling to map vehicle availability at the hierarchy along with operation type (Pickup and/or Delivery),
  • Delta planning to dynamically plan inbounds trips efficiently on a continuous basis
  • Plan Visualiser, 3D Load Builder, Scenario Modeler, and API Integrations


Mojro’s logistics optimization software enabled Line Clear to boost its infrastructure in terms of managing large-scale pick-up and delivery operations automatically while ensuring improved efficiency. This led to a reduction in the trips needed by the courier express and parcel company and improved their service levels through better accuracy of trips planned. Mojro also helped them to cut down empty trips by cross-utilizing vehicles for Pickup and Delivery while augmenting vehicle utilization across multiple dimensions. 

Line Clear can now complete 30k Deliveries / Day. Making timely, prompt deliveries with the assistance of Mojro's Geofencing, Automated sourcing, delta planning, etc helped the company to ensure customer satisfaction, which contributes to superior levels of customer satisfaction. 

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