How to effectively choose a trip planner for your logistics business?


There is no denying that efficient route planning is essential for a business to be successful in today's fast-paced eCommerce landscape. With surveys showing that 61% of clients want their products delivered within 1-3 hours of order placement, an efficient trip planner has become necessary for maintaining client satisfaction. A well-chosen trip planner with TMS features can also streamline transportation processes, optimize routes, and reduce the costs of a company's logistics operations.

Understanding the trip planner

A trip planner in logistics is a specialized software tool designed to optimize route planning and streamline transportation operations. It considers delivery locations, time windows, vehicle capacities, traffic conditions, and other factors to create the most efficient routes for deliveries or pickups.

What to consider while choosing a trip planner

Logistics management and route planning are important parts of every business's supply chain operations. This makes choosing a rip planner crucial to the success of the company. Some critical factors to consider include:

Route optimization capabilities

In today's digital world, customers expect swift and accurate deliveries. Businesses often have to make deliveries in a short time window. Without an efficient trip planner, companies may be unable to make deliveries at the stipulated time. An AI-powered route planning solution like Planwyse allows businesses to identify the most feasible route by analyzing different constraints.

Dynamic route planning

Customer preferences and orders change frequently with an increase in the ease of making eCommerce purchases. Many clients make last-minute purchases and expect same-hour deliveries. This can create several ad-hoc orders and return requests that managers must accommodate in their daily route planning. Managers can reroute previously scheduled routes during such last-minute delivery modifications and allocate additional stops to a van. The daily dynamic planning capabilities of a trip planner like Planwyse empower businesses to optimize loads and routes based on changing daily demands.

Adversity preparedness

Logistics management and last-mile delivery are often marred with unforeseen issues. An efficient- trip planner like Planwyse has a What-if modeling feature that allows managers to make smart route planning choices with what-if scenarios based on variable inputs. This will keep them prepared for all kinds of on-ground situations.


The on-ground delivery constraints can differ significantly depending on a delivery spot's geographical location. A compelling trip planner such as Planwyse offers Flexible Modelling that can leverage modeling for inbound and outbound logistics planning specific to the location of operation.


Choosing a practical trip planner for your logistics business is a critical decision that can significantly impact your operations and bottom line. By opting for a future-ready logistics optimization solution like Mojro, organizations can make an informed choice that aligns with their business goals and helps them achieve efficient and optimized route planning.


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