Implementing Dynamic Planning for Courier and eCommerce Sectors



Earlier, logistics managers relied on the pen and paper method to plan day-to-day dispatches and to come up with fixed delivery routes. However, with technological advancement and changing customer expectations, the focus has shifted to faster and on-demand deliveries. Courier and e-commerce companies that rely on traditional route planning methods are unable to accommodate last-minute requests. Dynamic route planning gives you the ability to include last-minute changes to previously scheduled orders and reroute to customer locations.

Dynamic planning helps in improving asset utilization considering various demand-side constraints, fleet availability, geographic constraints, traffic conditions, and more.

Why do you need Dynamic Planning?

Achieving order accuracy

Order accuracy is the number of orders an eCommerce or courier company ships/delivers without any error to the customer's doorstep. The errors can involve wrong order quantity, wrong product, mispacking, damage, and wrong address. As order accuracy directly links to customer experience, it is important for these businesses to track this metric. Order accuracy is calculated with this formula:

Order accuracy = [Total orders delivered accurately ÷ Total orders fulfilled ] x 100

In a highly competitive market, brands look to achieve an accuracy rate of 100 percent or as close to this benchmark as possible. At the same time, with challenges in logistics being high-demand environments and last-minute orders, logistics providers are often challenged with maintaining the accuracy and efficiency of delivery. 

Dynamic planning helps optimize order accuracy by helping you optimize the use of your resources to streamline 3pl logistics. In any given scenario, dynamic planning is the solution to navigate challenges related to demand fluctuations, fleet availability, traffic, and geographic conditions.

Avoid delays

Integrated planning and execution capabilities of a route planning software allow e-commerce logistics companies to track their delivery personnel in real-time. With comprehensive fleet visibility, the dynamic planning software helps assign last-minute deliveries, optimize distribution, and alert drivers of the changes. The Automatic Trip Assignment feature of the logistics software automatically lets riders know of new trip assignments.

The dynamic route planning software also is able to optimize routes by considering traffic conditions in real-time to ensure timely delivery of orders.

Minimize disruptions

Dynamic planning software ensures accurate, real-time data that you can use to minimize the impacts of disruptions to your delivery schedules. Catering to sporadic or last-minute demands can mean:

  • Reallocating capacity
  • Repositioning your resources
  • Determining new routes
  • Tracking trips to get status updates
  • Alerting riders on the changes

The best transport management software allows you to build all kinds of scenarios into the supply chain modeling, helping you analyze, evaluate and draw up informed contingency plans.

Improve productivity

Dynamic planning incorporates additional orders and changes in real-time and allocates tasks to the right riders who can finish extra deliveries in their working hours. The ideal e-commerce logistics and shipping software solution also includes a manual override feature to help logistics providers customize several aspects of logistics, including changing delivery sequences or adding/deleting delivery locations. Based on real-time information and live tracking, planners can dynamically change plans to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

Enrich customer experience

An end-to-end logistics software offers dynamic planning features in addition to smart ETA (expected time of arrival) alerts. The ETA engine calculates the trip and delivery times for in-progress trips while keeping all stakeholders, including your customers, informed of the status of deliveries.

Dynamic planning software helps companies automate key processes such as identifying the nearest distribution center that can serve customers while reducing the cost of delivery. For instance, Mojro's logistics planning software performs millions of computations to recommend the best possible solution for same-day and same-hour deliveries.

With location intelligence and map integration, the dynamic planning software helps logistics providers view the fulfillment status across manufacturing, inbound, and fulfillment chain. The dynamic logistics software accommodates any return requests as well by planning new routes and alerting delivery agents who are on the ground. As orders are efficiently completed after they are placed, dynamic planning boosts customer satisfaction while building brand trust and credibility.

Gain rich insights

Dynamic logistics and route planning software offer analytical tools to review the performance of your fleet. These analytical insights enable your company to arrive at the most cost-effective delivery routes. The software generates a spectrum of reports pertaining to cost, planning, delivery, drivers, execution, vehicles, and transporters, allowing you to make informed strategic decisions.

Mojro: The ideal dynamic logistics software for eCommerce and courier sectors

As an end-to-end logistics software, Mojro is designed to meet the dynamic planning requirements of the e-commerce and courier sectors. AI-based route optimization helps you decide the optimal route, while the fleet optimization feature helps you make the best use of your fleet. Whether there are last-minute changes, resource crunch, a sudden increase in orders, or return requests, manage them easily with the platform's dynamic and smart functionalities.

Get in touch with our team to know how Mojro can help solve your company's unique logistics challenges.

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