Optimizing Last-Mile Delivery: How the Right Route Planner Makes All the Difference



In the logistics and global business landscape, last mile delivery and its fulfillment is often the most critical and challenging issue. It's the point where a product transitions from being a promise on a website to a tangible item in the hands of the customer. Getting the last mile right can mean the difference between a delighted customer and a disappointed one. In fact, a study by Mckinsey has shown that 90 percent of customers consider two- to three-day shipping to be standard. Customers want same-day delivery in 30% of cases. This is where last mile optimization and an efficient route planner come into the picture.

Significance of route planning in last mile delivery

Effective route planning is important for successful last mile delivery optimization. It involves strategizing the best sequence of stops and routes for delivery vehicles, considering factors like distance, traffic conditions, delivery windows, and specific customer preferences. The goal is to minimize travel time, reduce fuel consumption, and maximize the number of deliveries within a given timeframe.

Challenges in route planning in last mile delivery

Businesses can face numerous challenges in route planning in last-mile delivery, especially in urban areas. One major issue is the ever-changing traffic conditions, road closures, and congestion in cities. This can force drivers to sit in traffic for long hours, delaying deliveries. More delivery and return stops in urban areas can overwhelm traditional route planning methods. An ineffective route planner may also not consider unexpected constraints that may happen during deliveries.

Mojro's solution to last mile delivery challenges

Mojro offers AI/ML-powered solutions to businesses to optimize their last mile delivery route planning. Mojro's Planwyse is a route planner that uses a library of 125+ prebuilt constraints to determine the most efficient route. It offers 6D optimization, allows managers to optimize volume, cost, time, weight, distance, and activity effectively to ensure the most efficient route is taken by the delivery drivers. The daily dynamic planning feature of Planwyse allows logistics managers to perform route optimization based on daily demands accommodating unforeseen delivery loads. Planwyse also uses What-If Modelling to make smart choices with several what-if situations based on variable inputs.

Mojro also offers businesses a Last-Mile Delivery Automation solution with efficient route planning capabilities. The real-time geo-resolver of this solution enables business managers to ensure that the last mile deliveries are on time by identifying resolving addresses. The daily dynamic planning also enables managers to organize the delivery slots and plan location-based cluster deliveries to complete all last mile deliveries on time. 


Optimizing last mile deliveries through efficient route planning can be a game-changer for businesses in the modern logistics landscape. Mojro's route planner can help organizations streamline operations, enhances customer satisfaction, reduces costs, and contributes to sustainability efforts. 


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