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The vehicle routing problem in logistics management is as old as the logistics industry. It is the one challenge that connects businesses across industries when looking for solutions to make deliveries efficiently with the least cost. Unfortunately, many companies are unaware of how significantly route optimization can boost operational effectiveness. With the global logistics sector reaching 14.08 trillion USD by 2028, according to Statista, businesses should address the vehicle routing challenge and look for advanced technological solutions.

Understanding the vehicle routing problem

The vehicle routing problem is determining the best possible routes from depots to different destinations. It is typically done by considering various business constraints like delivery time windows, vehicle limitations, resource limitations, and costs. The challenge is to find an optimal solution that reduces travel distances, minimizes fuel consumption, and maximizes resource utilization.

An advanced routing solution powered by sophisticated algorithms and cutting-edge technology offers a holistic approach to tackling the vehicle routing problem. There are numerous benefits of using a routing solution, including the following:

Reduce logistics costs

Adopting an efficient vehicle routing problem solution can reduce logistics costs by streamlining delivery routes and reducing the vehicles needed. Businesses can also reduce costs by lowering fuel and similar operational expenditures.

Achieve sustainability goals

An efficient vehicle routing problem solution reduces the number of on-road delivery vehicles. This can assist companies in achieving sustainable growth by lowering carbon footprints. 

Save time

The time spent manually arranging routes can be significantly reduced by adopting an efficient vehicle routing problem solution to optimize delivery routes and reduce delivery times. This extra time can be devoted to business developmental activities.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Efficient route planning can ensure timely deliveries of items, improving client satisfaction. 

Mojro's advanced routing solution for the vehicle routing problem

Mojro, a logistics optimization solution, offers efficient route optimization to solve the vehicle routing problem. Planwyse from Mojro is an AI-powered route planning solution that enables route optimization from the first mile to the last mile. It can easily manage business variabilities with the help of advanced features like "What-if" and continuous planning. What if modeling helps managers analyze how to optimize the increased deliveries in the future and make intelligent planning choices based on these variable inputs?

The daily dynamic planning allows logistics managers to plan routes based on changing daily demands, reducing costs and maximizing vehicle utilization. Planwyse also enables solving the vehicle routing problem depending on the location of operation through flexible modeling. These features ensure timely deliveries, enhancing client satisfaction and reducing delivery exceptions.


The vehicle routing problem is a puzzle that, when solved, can unlock efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. Mojro can offer businesses a data-driven, technology-powered approach to tackle this challenge head-on. By leveraging Mojro's route optimization solution, companies can improve their logistics operations and boost profits.


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