The Benefits of Fleet Management Technology



Efficient fleet management is essential for maintaining a business's bottom line. The profits of a company can be negatively impacted by inferior fleet management. Poorly managed vehicles can lead to higher operational and maintenance costs. Delivery delays can also happen due to vehicle malfunctions, harming businesses. A survey indicated that 65% of customers would abandon a business after 2-3 late deliveries. So, it is crucial to have efficient fleet management. First, let's understand what fleet management is and what fleet management is in logistics.


What is fleet management?


Fleet management is an approach that allows businesses to set up and coordinate their vehicles to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and ensure compliance with government regulations. Fleet management is essential for a company's logistics processes to function correctly.


An effectively functioning fleet management strategy requires the right personnel and appropriate technology.


Fleet management system benefits


Statistics have shown that 45% of fleet managers have achieved positive ROI by adopting a fleet management solution. Using a fleet management system offers numerous benefits to businesses. Some of them include the following:


Improve visibility


Lack of visibility is one of the main reasons for many fleet and delivery-related issues. Adopting an efficient fleet management system will enable businesses to keep track of their on-ground vehicles in real time. This will also help them assess emergencies and take necessary actions. This can reduce delayed or missed deliveries and improve client satisfaction.


Enhance driver safety


The safety of drivers is essential for the uninterrupted operation of logistics processes. Many times accidents can occur due to bad weather or substandard traffic conditions. Adopting a fleet management system can help fleet managers notify drivers about adverse situations and allocate a new route to make deliveries quickly. This will ensure driver safety along with delivery fulfillment.


Monitor driver behavior


Delivery delays can sometimes happen due to wrong routes or drivers taking unscheduled breaks between deliveries. Implementing a fleet management system can help managers keep track of driver behavior and delivery routes to ensure timely deliveries. Managers can also help drivers identify ways with less traffic and make speedy deliveries with the help of a fleet management system.


Improve efficiency


Implementing a fleet management system can help businesses improve their overall operational efficiency. Fleet managers can identify ideal routes through route planning and optimization and reduce waiting times in traffic. This can reduce fuel consumption and vehicle depreciation and, in turn, improve operational efficiency.




A fleet management system is essential for the successful operation of the logistics process of any business, big or small. It will help fleet managers handle the company's day-to-day operations without any issues. A future-ready logistics optimization solution like Mojro can give real-time updates on the location of your on-ground vehicles and help you manage your deliveries efficiently.


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