The Future of Logistics and Supply Chain Management




Modern customers have great expectations from businesses. They are more inclined to be loyal to companies offering reasonably priced goods and getting them delivered quickly. In fact, studies have shown that 97% of customers consider "same-day" deliveries as fast. This indicates the need for resilient and reliable supply chains and efficient logistics and supply chain management to improve customer satisfaction.


Future of supply chain management

Efficient supply chain management is essential for the success of a business. Several trends are expected to drive the future of supply chain management.


Agile supply chains


Supply chain agility is essential to customer loyalty and the company's profitability. The global economic landscape is unforgiving and volatile. To survive this competition, businesses must make their supply chain agile and adjust their inventory levels and prices based on real-time market conditions. Incorporating agility into supply chain management will give you an edge over competitors.


Resilient supply chains

A supply chain's ability to withstand an obstacle and bounce back indicates its resilience. This entails being able to prevent or significantly reduce the adverse effects of the majority of disruptions. Resilient supply chains became prominent when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted supply chains across industries. Other disruptions include unanticipated competition, swiftly changing market trends, and even abrupt changes in consumer purchasing patterns. Businesses should modify their supply chain management strategies to make them resilient.


Sustainable supply chain

Modern consumers are all conscious of the environment. A survey has shown that 84% of consumers may stop using a brand with poor environmental practices. This makes making supply chain management strategies sustainable important. A sustainable supply chain considers the damage the different processes can cause the environment and tries to mitigate it.


Future of logistics

The future of logistics and logistics management will be customer-centric. Businesses will use AI and ML-driven logistics technology to meet customer demands effectively.

Multimodal logistics

Multimodal shipping has become increasingly popular, especially with rising globalization. Businesses will invest in logistics solutions that will help them manage different modes of transportation efficiently.

Mojro offers retail businesses a new-age multi-modal procurement planner that enables multi-leg, multi-modal, and multi-day optimization. This solution allows retail businesses to honor delivery SLAs and plan operations depending on warehouse capacity constraints.


Order Planning and logistics management system

Order planning is vital in creating value in a logistics and supply chain management system. Handling the ongoing influx of orders is essential to meet customer expectations while ensuring the logistics remain optimized. Mojro's new-age ad-hoc planning modal offers businesses effective ad-hoc and continuous planning for achieving delivery success.


Logistics automation

Businesses can use logistics solutions to automate and optimize different logistics and supply chain management processes.

Mojro offers its customers sourcing and delivery automation with its new-age models. The sourcing automation for tanker planning, specifically designed for the dairy industry, provides the best and most optimized routes for an extensive network of plants and chillers. This enables more accessible transportation of dairy products without them going bad.

Customers now expect faster delivery operations, where delivery fulfillment happens within hours or minutes. Mojro's well-equipped solutions enable businesses to optimize and automate their delivery processes for rapid order fulfillment.

Cross dock-based deliveries and eCommerce optimization

Mojro offers cross-dock-based deliveries for the CPG and Pharma industry to use vehicles and meet customer delivery requirements efficiently. This is achieved through coordinated multi-leg planning and optimization of distribution. Mojro's new age models also enable eCommerce business managers to optimize and automate the distribution requirements for delivering to Dark Stores, Lockers, etc., depending on business demands.



Businesses will use innovative and advanced logistics solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and embrace sustainability. Mojro's has helped reduce 3m+ tonnes of CHG emissions and has saved 14M km in the distance traveled while planning and optimizing 100m+ deliveries.


The future of logistics & supply chain management will indeed be digitized. It will also be agile, sustainable, multimodal, and ever-evolving to accommodate global changes. Businesses can use a future-ready logistics optimization solution like Mojro to optimize their logistics processes and stay ahead of the curve.


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