Understanding the Basics of Logistics and Supply Chain Management



Logistics and supply chain management is a constantly expanding field. The global market for supply chain management is expected to reach a value of $31 billion by 2026. This makes it important for businesses to understand the basics of logistics and supply chain management.


Supply chain management meaning

Supply chain management can be defined as the control of the movement of materials, information, and money associated with a service or product. This control typically happens from raw material acquisition to end product delivery.


Supply chain management importance

Supply chain management is important since it is responsible for the supply of both essential and luxury goods to customers all over the world. An efficient supply chain is critical for maintaining the quality of human life and ensuring human survival. Effective supply chain management reduces operating costs and improves the financial situation of a business. It also plays a significant role in maintaining customer satisfaction.


What is logistics management?

Logistics management is an important component of supply chain management. It includes the management of many crucial logistics processes like handling materials, assessing transport routes, making timely deliveries, and adhering to customs rules. Logistics management in supply chain management focuses primarily on transferring items to multiple places to satisfy client demands.


Logistics management importance

Logistics management is essential since it ensures profits and customer satisfaction for businesses. It also helps in making different business operations efficient. Effective logistics management in the supply chain also improves the supply chain visibility. This helps in reducing supply chain disruptions and unfulfilled deliveries.


Mojro and optimization of logistics and supply chain management


Mojro, a cutting-edge and automated logistics platform, is revolutionizing the field of logistics optimizations for businesses across industries. Mojor uses AI-driven solutions to streamline different logistics processes.


Mojro's Planwyse enables businesses to make proactive logistics decisions to optimize the use of resources and boost customer experience. Palnwyse offers clients 6D optimization to boost productivity and reduce operational costs.


Executewyse from Mojro offers managers real-time visibility into the supply chain, helping them to eliminate logistics issues and delivery bottlenecks. Client satisfaction and SLA compliance can be ensured using Executewyse.


Geowyse, another AI-driven solution from Mojro, prevents delivery disruptions by bulk address resolutions to identify valid delivery points. The AI-driven phrase analytics engine also uses machine learning capabilities to improve accuracy continuously.


Packwyse helps businesses optimize their loading automation for achieving safe and effective loading.

Mojro's Fieldwyse is a sales beat optimization software that can automate decision-making for field service processes and improve efficiency.




Logistics & supply chain management and optimization of logistics processes are essential aspects of a successful business. Logistics and supply chain managers can use a future-ready logistics optimization platform like Mojro to optimize their company's logistics processes. This can help businesses to improve their profitability, boost efficiency, and enhance client satisfaction.


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