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As the world grappled with the pandemic (and continues to do so), businesses had to grapple with the reality of the need for contactless customer deliveries. For consumers, it meant that the deliveries would become safer and more efficient. Something else that changed in the delivery process is the widespread adoption of delivery digitization. The popularity of this delivery model has increased immensely in the past year, which means that this model is set to stay. Businesses that embraced this delivery digitization have experienced immense benefits, including improved customer experiences. Businesses that have not yet incorporated digitization into their delivery mechanisms are already losing a range of benefits.

What is delivery digitization?

  • Delivery digitization has existed for many years now, and it has been widely adopted in many industries. Many businesses are employing the use of new methods and technologies to improve their planning and delivery processes. Delivery digitization essentially aims to increase the transparency, predictability, and speed of a business' delivery process. Through delivery digitization, businesses can -
  • 1. capture proof about the delivery
  • 2. obtain reasons behind non-delivery
  • 3. obtain driver data about the number of crates delivered
  • 4. obtain data about cash collected on delivery

Benefits of delivery digitization

Here are some benefits of delivery digitization that businesses cannot afford to lose:

Greater customer convenience and safety

In times where elevated customer experiences are a make-or-break aspect for businesses, delivery digitization empowers businesses with a competitive edge. Whether it is delivery tracking, facilitating transactions, or filing of returns, delivery digitization allows the smooth functioning of all the aspects of the delivery process. Transactions are realized not through cards or cash but through OTPs and digital wallets, which makes delivery highly secure. Besides, it is easier to track canceled orders and initiate refunds. A quicker refund means greater efficiency, a better brand image, and more loyal customers. Businesses can also go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction by giving them information about the health of the delivery person, which has become quite important in recent times.

A delivery management software with features like electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) can help businesses in obtaining transparency in the delivery process and also better customer retention. This becomes especially important in the delivery of consumer packaged goods (CPGs) to the retail and local stores.

Enhanced customer communication

Delivery digitization gives improved transparency into customer orders. Customers get to know if their package has been shipped or if it is still under process. Well-designed contactless delivery management software provides pre-delivery alerts to inform customers that the process has begun. Features such as delivery tracking systems enable customers to know the whereabouts of their packages and the approximate delivery time. An ePOD is generated when the instant delivery is made. In addition to the customer, your authorized staff receives a copy of the ePOD, which facilitates the speedy generation of a corresponding ebill.

Improved process transparency and better data accuracy

Digitization of the delivery process gives your executives the exact situation on the field. For example, issues such as a damaged parcel or a breach of protocol by the delivery person cannot be hidden. Delivery digitization can be very useful in the dairy industry as well. It optimizes the milk procurement procedure by capturing information about milk type, fat percentage, and other relevant details.

Digitization helps in reconciliation and streamlining the invoicing process. This makes supply chain operations digitally fit.

Better customer insights

Data is crucial not only for decision-making at the ground level but also to identify customer pain points. Access to real-time and accurate data enables you to identify key performance indicators. You’ll have better insights into your logistics process and its strengths and drawbacks. With data in hand, you can gather crucial intelligence and address issues immediately.

Enhanced business resilience

The ability of a business to rebound from setbacks is best determined by its speed to adapt to changing customer preferences with efficiency. With the world preferring to go contactless during the pandemic, digitization in delivery enabled many businesses to continue catering to their customers. Even in a non-pandemic world, which still seems to be far away, customers are more likely to prefer the benefits of contactless delivery and delivery digitization. Upgrading your delivery model to include digitization will help you meet process challenges with more efficiency.

In conclusion

Digitization in delivery enables businesses to provide a seamless purchase experience for customers. The control that customers get to exercise over their purchase and delivery, through digitization, elevates their brand experience. Delivery digitization facilitates the inclusion of more tools such as detailed delivery receipts and information tracking, which help expand the customer experience. If your business has not taken the digital route as yet, then it is now the best time to do so. Get in touch with our experts at Mojro today to know more.

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