How to Ensure Address Accuracy When it Comes to eCommerce Deliveries?



Consumer expectations in terms of service and pricing have developed in tandem with the e-commerce business. Even before they purchase something, customers want to know when it will come. They want same-day or next-day delivery with precise tracking service, and they're willing to pay a premium for it. They also want to be associated with companies that provide a pleasant post-purchase service, such as simple returns and immediate reimbursements. Conventional logistics and supply chains will not be enough to meet the current commerce's increasing requirements. The goal is to create a reliable fulfillment network that has access to data sets, product location, and correct order information. Additionally, the capacity to comprehend and respond to this data in real-time is required. Also, a flexible, transparent, and data-driven strategy is necessary.

For physical things ordered online, on-time, precise delivery is an important aspect of the consumer experience.

After a negative last-mile delivery process, 84 percent of buyers said they were unlikely to pick a brand again.

As a result, enhancing your shipment accuracy is critical not just for boosting client happiness but also for gaining repeat purchases and expanding your firm.

Address accuracy: Why is it important?

Address-related problems are regrettably rather prevalent. They occur for numerous reasons, including the absence of ineligibility of identifiers such as sidewalk address letters or fading or broken house number plates. It can also happen when the address pin on a GPS service does not represent the real-world location perfectly. In either situation, the delivery driver will have difficulty locating the appropriate house or apartment to deliver the package.

Customers want shipping to be quick and free (or at least extremely affordable). As shown in a RetailMeNot poll, 82 percent of those surveyed favor free delivery overpaying the price for express shipping. Delayed or partial deliveries have a direct influence on customers' product satisfaction and brand loyalty, leading them to look for alternative businesses that can meet their demands. Retailers should be particularly worried about this and ensure this is something that doesn't happen on a daily.

To prevent this, technology can come in very handy - especially logistics optimization software. They do exactly what they say - optimize your logistics using a software code that helps prevent avoidable errors and fool-proof your operation cogwheel.

The improper address problem

The shipping address problem for e-commerce companies in India arises primarily due to different languages, geographies, and user behaviour across different regions of India.

The Indian address system is flawed in many aspects, such as:

-       The addresses in the country are not homogeneously captured but are spatially captured on demand. This creates a lot of problems related to address capturing and identification.

-       A large number of streets in small towns and Tier 3 cities in India have no names or structured addresses.

-       There is insufficient GIS data infrastructure or reference datasets. It, therefore, becomes quite difficult to build a GPS system for remote locations.

-       There is a lack of a comprehensive, hierarchical data structure in small towns and cities.

Inaccurate addresses are one of the major reasons behind Return to Origin losses for e-commerce businesses. To achieve last-mile delivery with these incorrect addresses, businesses lose millions every year in shipment costs for undeliverable orders. According to Emerging World, incorrect addresses cost India $10 to $14 billion annually. This accounts for nearly 0.5% of the GDP.

Using technology for address verification

To simplify shipping, businesses need to make sure that they get a legitimate address from their consumers so they can ship their order to the right destination. This is the perfect task for logistics e-commerce logistics software.

"Where is my item?" is the most-frequently-asked customer service issue, and the last thing you want to do is mail your product to an undeliverable or incorrect location. Aside from disgruntled consumers, your warehousing will have to manage returned products, which may entail additional charges depending on which shipping transport service you used to send.

An API is the easiest and most automatic approach to validate an address at checkout. You could, for example, utilize Mojro's logistics software to verify your address. To ensure that you don't wind up with a non-deliverable shipping location, we use a dependable and authentic address database to validate all addresses.

The address validation API in Mojro only corrects addresses if it is certain that it will not modify the desired address. If an address is unclear, the address validation service delivers the original address (or an error) with a notice to reconsider the input characters in the address line the zip code. This makes customers double-check their typed input.

How to address the address issues?

Mojro's Natural Language Processing-based address resolver aids in the precise resolution of delivery addresses in bulk. In principle, addresses lack uniformity, contain local references that may not be recognized elsewhere, contain spelling errors, acronyms, extraneous content, or contradictory information. All of these problems are filtered through Mojro's geocoding API, which provides precise resolution to ensure timely and accurate delivery.

If you are running an eCommerce business or a B2B or B2C firm, last-mile problems are a major space where a lot of the firm's energy and funds go into. Hence, logistics software is a must-have during these times! But you don't need to look far. Mojro's logistics optimization software has everything your business needs to smoothen out and strengthen the logistics pipeline

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